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In the year 440 BC, more than two decades into the reign of Pericles, an audit of treasury in Athens showed a massive surplus of more than 9700 “talents”.

A talent was a common unit of measurement in the ancient world, especially for gold and silver, and, based on today’s precious metals prices and the traditional gold/silver ratio (14:1) used by the ancient Greeks, 9700 talents is equivalent to about $700 million today.

At the time, Athens boasted a population of around 43,000 citizens and 28,500 foreign residents… so on a “per capita” basis, the ancient Athenian surplus amounted to just under $10,000 per person in today’s money.

If you compare this figure to our modern world, it’s pretty extraordinary. purchase antabuse

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Socialism a century ago seemed to be the wave of the future. There were various schools of socialism, but the common ideal was to guarantee support for basic needs, and for state ownership to free society from landlords, predatory banking and monopolies. In the West these hopes are now much further away than they seemed in 1917. Land and natural resources, basic infrastructure monopolies, health care and pensions have been increasingly privatized and financialized.

Instead of Germany and other advanced industrial nations leading the way as expected, Russia’s October 1917 Revolution made the greatest leap. But the failures of Stalinism became an argument against Marxism – guilt-by-association with Soviet bureaucracy. European parties calling themselves socialist or “labour” since the 1980s have supported neoliberal policies that are the opposite of socialist policy. Russia itself has chosen neoliberalism.
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From Camel to Camry – on the American dime…

If ever there was a doubt that auto sales have been pushed to the absolute max in this iteration of the industry’s debt-fueled bubble, then consider the following program specifically designed to underwrite subprime auto loans to refugees who have recently arrived in the U.S. with absolutely no credit history or record of any kind. Per The San Diego Union-Tribune: buy antabuse disulfiram

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According to the Final Monthly Treasury Statement, the U.S. Social Security Administration spent more money during the last fiscal year than it ever has before.

Social Security spending topped a trillion dollars.

That has never happened before.

In fact, they went $812 million over that trillion.

Other departments’ spending is dwarfed by the Social Security Administration. According to CNS News, Social Security spending was 37 times that of the Department of State and 32 times that of the Department of Justice. how to buy antabuse tablets

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How’s this for a business proposition? I owe you $17,000. If you forgive my debt, I won’t use Uber or Lyft for my transportation needs. Or, how about I agree to give up texting and mobile messaging for a year in exchange for debt forgiveness? Doubt I’d get any takers.

I received an email about a recent survey, “is it safe to buy antabuse online”. The sender suggested, “The insights would be a great fit with your audience.”

They questioned 500 millennials, age 18-34. At first, I thought it was a joke:

“We’ve … compiled some key findings: buy antabuse paypal

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After several decades, China is again planning to use gold for international payments. The world’s biggest importer of bullion is preparing to launch an oil futures contract priced in yuan, and redeemable in gold.

This is big.

It’s a clear attempt to bypass the US as the holder of the world’s reserve currency. where to buy antabuse

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Inflation is coming and it will have a major effect on the world economy and financial markets. This is one of the factors that will drive gold to levels which few can imagine today. Later in this piece, I am discussing 10 Factors which will make gold surge.

No fear
Markets are expressing no fear and seem very comfortable at or near all-time tops. There is no concern that stocks are massively overvalued or that bond rates are at historical lows and only have one way to go. Nor is anyone worried that house prices are at levels which most people can’t afford. Money printing and interest rate manipulation has created such cheap financing that most people don’t look at the price of the property but only at the financing costs. In many European countries, mortgages are around 1%. At that level the monthly cost is negligible for many people. Neither the banks nor the borrowers worry about interest rates going back to the teens as in the 1970s.

So whilst we are waiting for markets to wake up from the dream state they are in now, what signals should we look for and what about timing.
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Trending toward a Cashless society…

Cryptocurrencies are being billed as a new and improved form of money that has been offered to us courtesy of technological evolution. There is a big problem with this conclusion. That is, digital money is not money at all. And proving this truth serves to underscore why gold has been utilized as the best form of money for thousands of years.

In the 2013 film titled “Her,” lonely Theodore, played by Joaquin Phoenix, falls in love with Samantha, an operating system. Despite Samantha’s lack of physical presence, the two have a somewhat normal relationship that includes vacations, socializing with friends, fights and even jealousy. But just as the audience starts buying into this unconventional pairing the plug is pulled on Samantha, and she disappears into a cyberspace vortex; leaving poor and lonely Theodore heartbroken. Continue reading

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