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What is Money?

Money is supposed to be representative of all the goods and services that the country has produced in an entire year.

A “buck” is referred to as a “buck” because in the early days of American money, a dollar was worth about one deer. Many trading posts didn’t trust American money for good reason: Benjamin Franklin intentionally devalued America’s first currency as a way to finance the revolutionary war. Continue reading

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Federal Reserve discussing ways to implement full blown socialism using digital currency

In 2020, public health emergencies were issued en masse, without foresight and with no consideration of the net harm these discriminatory lockdowns would impose on small businesses and the working class. This led to an unemployment crisis, as small businesses were shuttered and corporations left to profit. As people’s lives were upended, the Federal government was compelled to pass a series of spending bills that redistributed money throughout the economy. The cash was helicoptered in via one-time payments to families, forgivable loans to businesses, large unemployment checks, massive drug company investments, and other corporate bailouts. As Americans got a taste of socialism and narco-state dependence, the Federal Reserve has been plotting a new centrally-planned economic system that would circumvent Congress and the traditional banking system using a new digital dollar. Continue reading

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Out of the Past ~ Images in time…

Something a bit unusual for this site and what follows will describe said image in detail. You will note that a blown up version of this work of art is currently displayed as the background image for Morgana Precious Metals. Do not misunderstand… I am not a fan nor supporter of Stock Exchanges, but I am a lover of history and art, and as my Grandfather was also a noted architect and renowned designer of furniture and lighting fixtures (for the Stiffel Lamp Company of Chicago) – I grew up in this world.

The first image referenced above and described below will be presented in the upcoming October 2020 auction by Heritage Auctions. The estimated value – $50,000 to $70,000. ~ Ed.

Louis H. Sullivan (American, 1856-1924)
Important Stencil from the Face of the Main Trusses of the Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room, 1893-1894, Adler & Sullivan
Executed by Healy and Millet, Oil on canvas
57-1/4 x 99-1/4 x 2 inches (145.4 x 252.1 x 5.1 cm)
Provenance: The Art Institute of Chicago; Acquired directly from same

~ The Artist’s Story ~
Louis Sullivan holds a unique position in the history American architecture, not only for his accomplishments as a builder, but also for casting a long shadow of influence over many of the leading proponents of modernism, many through the figure of Frank Lloyd Wright whom he mentored early in his career. Heritage is pleased to present a collection of rare works by Louis Sullivan, one of American’s most important architects, in the upcoming October 13 Design Auction. Continue reading

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Do You Have The Courage To Face The Truth?

Up until recently I had never given much thought to the subject of economics. I never took an economics class in school and my understanding of the subject could be best explained by, “Don’t spend more than you earn.” However, the more I’ve learned about our system of government, and the men who created it, the more I’ve realized that I’ll never understand the extent of what they did unless I gain some insight into money; how it is created, how it is controlled, and how people profit from its exchange.

If I were to ask you to find a single word to describe government, what would that word be? For the longest time if someone had asked me that I’d have said something like tyrannical, or oppressive. Now that I’ve undertaken an effort to learn more about economics I’m inclined to change my opinion; replacing tyrannical with parasitical – our government is a parasite that sucks both the liberty and wealth from those it governs. Continue reading

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BLOWOUT: Coronavirus relief spending will cause federal debt to increase to 104 percent of GDP by next year

The ongoing Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including federal relief efforts to blunt its impact on the economy, will cloud the U.S.’s long-term fiscal outlook for decades to come. This analysis comes from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which released new forecasts Monday, showing that federal debt will likely surge to 104 percent in 2021 and be nearly twice America’s economic output in 2050. Continue reading

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1332 ~ The Life of Carlo Ponzi

Before young Carlo Ponzi pioneered in financial chicanery, he had already lead an interesting – and criminal, to anyone who should have bothered to check – life.

September 11, 2003 ~ As the legend goes, the scheme that would make Carlo Ponzi a household name occurred to Carlo when he was a young man. Carlo would sit on his front steps in Boston and watch his neighbors return home from a day’s work. It was during one of these daydreaming sessions that his innovation struck. Predictably enough, the first victim of what would become known as the Ponzi Scheme was Carlo’s friend Tony. Carlo made an intriguing offer: if Tony lent him $20, Carlo would return $30 in ninety days. “I’ll meet you right here and pay you 50 percent on your money.” Continue reading

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Gold and Silver as Standards of Value: The Flagrant Cheat in Regard to Them

Lysander Spooner

All the usurpation, and tyranny, and extortion, and robbery, and fraud, that are involved in the monopoly of money are practised, and attempted to be justified, under the pretence of maintaining the standard of value. This pretence is intrinsically a false one throughout. And the whole motive for it is to afford some color of justification for such a monopoly of money as will enable the few holders of gold and silver coins (or of such other money as may be specially licensed and substituted for them) to extort, in exchange for them, more of other men s property than the coins (or their substitutes) are naturally and truly worth. That such is the fact, it is the purpose of this article to prove. Continue reading

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Double Eagle Headlines: September 23, 2020


The Path by Which We Got Here
It wasn’t just COVID that got us down the road to ruin. Because many think we are in what looks like a post-apocalyptic world of rubble only because of COVID or because of Trump, I decided now would be a good time to summarize how predictably the Fed’s Great Recovery and Great Rewind got us here… (Continue to full article)

Why Is The Mainstream Media Suddenly Signaling That A Much Larger Stock Market Decline Is Coming?
Why would the mainstream media want all of us to believe that stock prices are about to fall dramatically?

Just like we witnessed earlier this year at the beginning of the pandemic, the corporate media is full of reports that seem to imply that it is a virtual certainty that stock prices are going to go even lower. Of course it would make perfect sense for stock prices to go down because they are incredibly overvalued right now, but normally the mainstream media does not try to tell us where stock prices are going next. And the fact that so many news outlets are repeating the same mantra right now is particularly troublesome… (Continue to full article)

“No Medical Justification For Emergency Measures”
Open Letter From 100s Of Doctors, Health Pros Urges End To Lockdowns

We deplore the role of the WHO in this, which has called for all divergent opinion to be silenced… We urgently call on the media to take their responsibilities here! We demand an open debate in which all experts are heard… (Continue to full article)

Corporate Media Stays Silent on Wall St Banks’ Crimes
There are two opposing narratives living side by side in the United States: independent journalists and researchers have documented how the behemoth banks on Wall Street are as crooked as ever while the Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, repeatedly tells Congress and the press that these banks are a “source of strength” in this economic crisis. (Never mind that the Fed is flooding these banks with trillions of dollars in cumulative loans at less than 1 percent interest.)… (Continue to full article)

Data Shows 60% of Business Closures Due To The Pandemic Are Now Permanent
While asset prices re still doing well, Yelp recently released its newest Economic Impact Report revealing business closures across the U.S. are increasing a lot as a result of the pandemic.

Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are now permanent…. (Continue to full article)

Why The Fed Bugs Really, Really Hate Gold
Fed bugs are people with a faith-based belief in the power of central banks (and central bankers) to engineer economic growth using “monetary policy,”despite decades of history and current evidence to the contrary. They believe tinkering with inputs and rates and velocity and flows somehow makes us richer in terms of productivity, goods, and services. They believe in financial alchemy, as economist Nomi Prins puts it, rather than precious metals. They believe paper has value so long as government issues it and legislates its use. Most of all, they believe in technocratic control over money in the economy… (Continue to full article)

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