Is the Federal Reserve Sowing Seeds of Marxism?

Wealth inequality has become a major talking point for those primarily on the Left who are vehemently against capitalism. Often espoused by leftist professors, lawmakers, and think tanks, the increasing disparity in wealth among Americans has been a growing concern. Many have questioned for years whether the Federal Reserve and their fiat currency monetary system is a fundamental fraud in our economy today. Is the Federal Reserve causing wealth inequality, thereby sowing the seeds of Marxism?

Wealth inequality is an issue that both political sides should be willing to tackle because it can cause terrible consequences for a cohesive society. One can easily go off on the issues of personal responsibility and envy politics, but the reality is society must deal with the issue regardless of the morality of the issues – see “Trapped on a Deserted Island with 200 Hungry Savages.” While the Left is correct in their concerns, they are ignoring a major cause of the rampant, growing inequality in America – currency debasement and instead blame capitalism. Let’s take a simple example that demonstrates Fiat Currency Debasement and how it can create wealth inequality mathematically. (Continue to full article…)

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