Double Eagle Headlines: July 16, 2020


A Surge in Small Business Bankruptcies is Underway
The claims are that 53% of all restaurants that have been forced to close throughout this PLAN-demic – will never reopen.

The following includes just one of these stories, which encompass 24 locations… (Continue to full article)

U.S. Moves Closer To Digital Dollar
On June 30th, 2020, the Senate Banking Committee held a hearing on the future of the digital dollar. The pressures to create a digital USD are mounting as China recently began testing its own digital currency – the DCEP, which will be included in popular applications like WeChat and AliPay. Of particular concern is widespread adoption of a digital yuan in emerging markets and in international trade… (Continue to full article)

H.R. 2559: The Gold Transparency Act Of 2019
House Rep, Alexander Mooney, introduced a Bill that would the first true audit of gold owned by the United States in more than 65 years. The Bill, if passed, would require a full assay, inventory and audit of the U.S. gold every 5 years. Currently the gold is being “safe-kept” by the Fed

Yeah – Right – Fat Chance – Who’s Zoomin’ Who? The last time a Bill was introduced to audit the Fed, specifically the gold and gold swaps activity, the Fed spent millions in lobbying fees to have the legislation drafted by then House Rep, Ron Paul, buried. Then Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, made sure the Bill never left Committee… (Continue to full article)

Banks Brace For A Historic Crash With Record Loss Provisions
… on average most banks – this time including the hedge fund known as Goldman Sachs which has since pivoted to becoming a subprime lender to the masses with “Marcus” – saw their loan loss provisions surge by roughly 4x from year ago levels, with JPMorgan’s jumping the most, or just over 5x, hinting the other banks are likely underprovisioned for the storm that is coming.

Alas, these provisions amounts are nowhere near enough if history is any indication…. (Continue to full article)

Major Tax Increases Are About to Slam America as Cities and States Want You to Pay for Covid Fallout
In the midst of such a bizarre and frightful socioeconomic crisis, the tax man is hurting too. Tax revenues at all levels of government have plummeted like never before, and the pain is especially acute for city budgets who’ve seen sales tax revenue nosedive. While the American citizenry is seeing a drastic drop in income, so is Uncle Sam and all of his bureaucratic agencies.

Take a look at some of the numbers… (Continue to full article)

“To the Moon Alice…”

Gold & Silver Price Is Infinity
I think the problems with the currency are going to happen by the end of this year. I think the problems of the COMEX are going to happen considerably before that. I think they are going to be tied into a wider banking crisis. A banking crisis is certain. I cannot see how it can be avoided. . . . If our end point is the purchasing power of the dollar goes to zero, then you can see $1,800 for the price of gold and $19 for the price of silver is chicken crap compared to where it’s going to go… (Continue to full article)

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