Double Eagle Headlines: July 8, 2020


‘We still like gold at these levels’: Prices can move another $500 by end of next year
Gold has been on a sprint since last year, breaking all kinds of residence levels, including $1,300, $1,400, $1,500, $1,600, $1,700 and now $1,800 an ounce. And for those wondering whether it is too late to get in, Wells Fargo has a reassuring answer: “We still like gold at these levels.”

Gold is currently trading at fresh nine-year highs at above $1,820 an ounce… (Continue to full article)

53% Of Restaurants Closed During COVID-Lockdown Have Shuttered Permanently
While the pendulum has swung toward group dining, perhaps due to pent up demand after three-plus-months of safer at home orders and dining room closures in some markets, this interest could be short lived… (Continue to full article)

US House Prices Expected to Drop 6.6% By May 2021
single-family houses, including distressed sales, would begin dropping on a month-to-month basis with the June reading – it just released its May reading, which was up 4.8% year-over-year – and that prices, as tracked by the national Home Price Index (HPI), would be down 6.6% year-over-year by May 2021.

“2021 will mark the first year home prices are expected to decline in more than nine years… (Continue to full article)

The world threw away $57 billion in gold, silver, copper found in E-waste
This means that gold, silver, copper, platinum and other high-value, recoverable materials conservatively valued at US $57 billion—a sum greater than the Gross Domestic Product of most countries—were mostly dumped or burned rather than being collected for treatment and reuse… (Continue to full article)

Citigroup Has Made a Sap of the Fed: It’s Borrowing at 0.35 % from the Fed While Charging Struggling Consumers 27.4 % on Credit Cards
The first thing you need to know about Citibank and its parent, Citigroup, is that they have an extensive rap sheet. (See here). The second thing you need to know is that Citigroup is a serial predator that perpetually promises its regulators that it’s going to reform, but never does.

The third thing you need to know is that Citigroup has made a sap out of the Federal Reserve – not once, but twice. During the last financial crisis of 2007 to 2010, Citigroup somehow induced the Fed to secretly give it $2.5 trillion cumulatively in below-market rate loans for 2-1/2 years to prop up its sinking carcass. Citi got the cheap loans (often at below one-half of one percent) and then went right on charging its struggling credit card customers high double-digit interest rates…. (Continue to full article)

Gold at $1,800: ‘There’s little to stop the gold-up trajectory’
Gold is heading to $1,900 an ounce, and little can stop the precious metal from reaching its all-time high in U.S. dollars, according to the latest Bloomberg Intelligence’s commodity outlook.

It’s logical to expect gold to outperform most assets in an environment of unparalleled central-bank easing, and we foresee the precious metal maintaining the upper hand in most scenarios… (Continue to full article)

Why Gold, And Why Now
For thousands of years gold is the ultimate store of value. Currently, gold is undervalued as there are massive bubbles in asset markets and central banks continue to print money, which supports these bubbles. This is an unsustainable situation; and when the bubbles burst the gold price will rise.

Gold is the ultimate store of value, as it’s the only globally accepted financial asset without counterparty risk, and it has preserved its purchasing power throughout history. In the long-term, the stability of gold’s value is unparalleled… (Continue to full article)

To This East Texas Family and Town, ‘Aunt Jemima’ Is Inspiring Story of Overcoming
The nation soon learned that the name, “Aunt Jemima,” was based on a character in a minstrel show from 1889. The men who performed the song “Old Aunt Jemima,” were wearing blackface. Unlike Virginia Gov. Northam’s (D) blackface (or is he the one in the hood?), or Jimmy Kimmel’s and Jimmy Fallon’s later uses of blackface, no one now living ever saw the 1889 minstrel show.

Minstrel shows themselves have a complex history, including the wildly racist as well as offering avenues for Black Americans to become celebrated entertainers. Most Americans of all backgrounds and generations probably saw Aunt Jemima as the face and name of a brand they relied on for a tasty breakfast, unaware of the connection to minstrel shows… (Continue to full article)

Why You Can’t Mint a Dime
Private money is better than government money.

Everybody knows what’ll happen if you set up a private mint in your basement, stamp out a few coins, and call them “nickels” or “dimes.” The coins won’t circulate for much longer than you will. Most Americans today would recoil at the suggestion that coinage could or should be issued privately. They’re unaware that private coinage has a rich history in the United States… (Continue to full article)

Silver Bugs Will Prosper From US Creep State Dilution Of The Dollar
Ancient Rome had the denarius, which was diluted into hyperinflationary oblivion. America has the dollar, which is on track to suffer an equally disgusting fate… (Continue to full article)

…and utter train wreck!

The Derailing Train of Debt, vs Currencies, vs Gold & Silver
To add more reasons to the fear trading in the markets, the U.S. Mint is upping its coin production, after shortages of stamped coins have been reported in the U.S., and after purchases dropped off until the CCP19 bio got out.

The second half of 2020, the Mint estimates an increase production to 1.2 billion coins in June and 1.35 billion coins per month for the rest of the year– which would add up to a projected total of 14.2 billion coins produced in 2020. This helps point out the idea that people are leaving the crime ridden investment arenas where the regulatory bodies are equally as guilty as the perpetrators, and as things start to heat up in the failed debt markets, which leads right to Currency Devaluations, which leads right to Precious Metals Rising… (Continue to full article)

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