Pure Insanity…

I need to vent. Not something I normally do too much of…OK…my wife was out of work due to COVID-19 for over a month and we were not able to secure any money relief from the State of Arizona because she was on contract (gov’t contract, unable to represent her) and “self employed.” BUT, wait…the government of Arizona will be paying out $30 million to “Refugees of COVID-19” who were sent to Phoenix after being detained for crossing the border illegally. WOW. No money relief for citizens who pay taxes and obey the law but refugees get our tax money? This Bill was introduced by the Mayor of Phoenix, Kate Gallegos, a Democrat. This is why I don’t vote for Democrats. They are more concerned about non-citizens and illegal aliens than hard-working, tax-paying citizens of the US.

PS: They are also concerned with upsetting China by calling the COVID-19 the Chinese virus. If you have a brain, don’t vote Democrat. Shame on them!

Don Zerbst
May 23, 2020

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