The End of the Line?: May 12, 2020


Something BIG is coming
Gold’s narrowing range to lead to a major price move Gold futures are behaving like a restless person taking a nap – with the market not moving much in either direction lately but yet tossing and turning a lot.

The metal has been in a narrowing range for nearly a month now, but sometimes making violent moves within that trading band. However, the pattern is forming a so-called wedge formation that should lead to a breakout in the not-too-distant future… (Continue to full article)

Economic Catastrophe: Millions Upon Millions Of Jobs That Have Been Lost Are Never Coming Back
Do you personally know people that have lost jobs in 2020? I do, and I am not sure what to tell them. As is the case all over the U.S. right now, there is hope that some of the jobs will still be there when the lockdowns end, but in other cases it looks like the jobs are gone for good. And since virtually nobody is hiring right now, finding new jobs is certainly not going to be easy, and there will be millions of others competing for the few jobs that open up

But what most unemployed workers really want is to go back to their old jobs, but unfortunately many of them will never be able to do so… (Continue to full article)

Gold has a clear path towards $2,000+/oz
Spot gold has more than rebounded from the mid-March COVID-19 driven collapse and is now trading in a range near $1,700/oz. The yellow metal rallied along with risk assets following the reduction of extreme volatility, after the US Federal Reserve and other central banks announced measures to provide potentially unlimited support to credit markets and governments around the world provided countless trillions in fiscal support to keep consumers and corporations solvent. However, before prices move into a significantly higher range… (Continue to full article)

US Healthcare Insurance System Failing In a Pandemic
Up to 43 MILLION Americans could lose health insurance amid pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, 160 million Americans, or roughly half the population, received their medical insurance through their job. The tidal wave of layoffs triggered by quarantine measures now threatens that coverage for millions… (Continue to full article)

Taxpayers Forced to Eat $454 Billion In Wall St Losses
Beginning on March 24 of this year, Larry Kudlow, the White House Economic Advisor, began to roll out the most deviously designed bailout of Wall Street in the history of America.

After the Federal Reserve’s secret $29 trillion bailout of Wall Street from 2007 to 2010, and the exposure of that by a government audit and in-depth report by the Levy Economics Institute in 2011, Kudlow was going to have to come up with a brilliant strategy to sell another multi-trillion-dollar Wall Street bailout to the American people… (Continue to full article)

Silver’s Massive Undervaluation Relative to Gold Makes It Irresistible
The way you see silver now depends on whether you see a glass that is half empty or half full. If you are a pessimist by nature you will be grumbling about its underperformance relative to gold up to this point, but if you are an optimist, as we certainly are with regards to silver, you will see it as maintaining the opportunity to pick it up cheap before it really takes off higher in a big way, which as we will now proceed to see is a fast growing probability… (Continue to full article)

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