Dateline: January 31, 2020


‘Godfather’ of technical analysis says stock downturn is going to get worse
‘I am looking at a 10% drop maybe a little bit more’.

“The market itself was stretched, which is true, so we were begging for some kind of correction and this is the catalyst,” he said. He is expecting that the stock market will face at least a 10% drop from its recent peak, which would meet the criteria for a bona fide correction held by most market technicians… (Continue to full article)

How the coronavirus scare has driven dangerous arrogance and greed in the stock market
The Dow DOWN 582.00 as of POST time: The reaction to the coronavirus shows that there is an unprecedented amount of arrogance among the momo (momentum) crowd and the people who influence them. The stock market these days is controlled by the momo crowd. This combination of greed and arrogance may prove to be dangerous for investors… (Continue to full article)

“C’mon T.C. – let’s git the gold out their teeth!”

Is gold price ready for a breakout?
GOLD UP $12.30 on the day as of POST time at $1,589.00 Spot: Here’s what the markets are watching next week: There is quite a bit of underlying investment demand for gold with prices trading near multi-year highs, equities also near all-time highs and the dollar quote strong in the last few weeks. We are operating in an environment in which safe assets are scarce … Investment demand will continue to flow to gold because capital is seeking shelter from negative real yields…. (Continue to full article)

In This “Booming Economy”, 90% Of Americans Say They Are Stressed-Out About Money
What’s stressing us out if unemployment is low, there’s no inflation, and everyone has disposable income? Are we being manipulated by the government’s lapdog MSM?… (Continue to full article)

There’s No Fever Like Gold Fever…
“They don’t want normal people to bank run their scam paper. Gold and hard assets is how you protect yourself from inflation. They (the governments/banks) want to know every single person that tries to get out of their cage…”

“…Gold is thus seen as one of the final hedges against irresponsible government policy, and the proposed new limits on precious metals, will leave residents of Germany with even fewer options.”… (Continue to full article)

[Got physical… close at hand?]

Let’s do something about that…

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