Dateline: January 30, 2020


Gold, silver see solid gains as coronavirus scare intensifies
Gold and silver prices are solidly higher in midday U.S. futures trading Thursday, on safe-haven demand. Marketplace focus Thursday is squarely back on the coronavirus outbreak that is spreading and which threatens to inhibit global economic growth. February gold futures were last up $13.80 an ounce at 1,583.90. March Comex silver prices were last up $0.488 at $17.98 an ounce and have gotten back most of this week’s solid losses…. (Continue to full article)

The Dow Points To Higher Silver Prices For Years To Come
The Dow is at, or very close to a 90-year resistance line: Could a top be in, or is it extremely close? What I do know, from my own research, is that major Dow peaks are extremely important when it comes to Silver rallies. The best part of… (Continue to full article)

In This “Booming Economy,” 90% of Americans Say Money Increases Stress Levels
While we are being bombarded with news from the mainstream media that the current United States economy is “booming,” 90% of Americans say they are stressed out about money…. (Continue to full article)

U.S. Budget Deficit Will Top $1 Trillion in 2020: Collapse Almost Certain
The complete collapse of the government is almost certain, as the entity is expected to run a budget deficit of $1 trillion this year. The biggest problem doesn’t seem to be the ruling class’ unwillingness to do anything about it, but the public’s lackadaisical attitude…. (Continue to full article)

Watch For Banks To Whack Gold & Silver On Thursday Or Friday
Gold & silver have been rebounding quite nicely, even with China’s markets closed, but watch out for a whacking today or tomorrow….. (Continue to full article)

“It’s Time To Sell” – Charles Nenner Warns “Market Will Go Down 40%”
Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says his “stock market cycle has topped.” Look no further than the more than 400 point pounding on Monday for proof. Nenner says, “If we see a good close on the S&P futures for March below 3230, that’s only a couple of points away from here… (Continue to full article)

Hi-Ho Silver, awaaay

Silver Has “Strong Probability” of Going “Exponential” Again
Silver is “the number one conviction trade in 2020” Minerd, who is also the Guggenheim Global Chief Investment Officer (CIO) told Bloomberg whose conviction trade was greeted with surprise by Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Jonathan Ferro. Silver has more room to run and there is a “strong probability” that silver will go “exponential” again according to Minerd

“When you look at the relative values of silver and gold, silver is about 65% below its prior peak while gold is very close to its prior peak… (Continue to full article)

Has The Global Economy Finally Exhausted Its Good Luck?
Much of what we take for granted as essentially guaranteed by our fabulous technologies and systems is more akin to the Titanic than we care to admit. That the world has avoided seriously disruptive global pandemics for a hundred years is more luck than most people understand. All of these guarantees and redundancies are as illusory as the “unsinkable” technologies of the Titanic… (Continue to full article)

Take heed of this before the collapse of the fake gold paper market together with most paper assets.

With a paper market in gold that totally dominates gold trading and distorts the price of gold, it is easy for most people to forget what gold is all about. The history of gold is such a crucial part of understanding the importance of the yellow metal… (Continue to full article)

A Lesson About Gold – How Bullish Can It Be?
Apparently, not enough. This seems especially true right now. With all of the “obvious” signs and indicators staring you in the face, it seems like blasphemy to speak cautiously. Better to let your imagination run wild and join in the revelry.

Gold is not an investment. It is real money. Gold’s value is stable and unchanging. It is not subject to traditional laws of supply and demand. The changing price of gold is a reflection of the changing value (both real and perceived) of the US dollar. It is all about the US dollar. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else…. (Continue to full article)

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