Dateline: NO-vember 7, 2019


Silver Will Be Our Money After The Financial Crisis
Something will be our medium of exchange after the coming grotesque inflation, and Kunstler says it will be silver. Here’s why… (Continue to full article)

All Of The Central Bank’s Policy Tools Amount To Manipulating Interest Rates
You’d think that everyone would know that printing fake money and waving bogus theories around will not create new wealth. The excuse is that the so called wealth effect is so pleasant. Like drugs provide a happiness effect.

This is the meaning of a rising debt—federal government debt, state and local government debts, corporate debt, personal debt, underfunded pensions, unfunded government liabilities, etc. They are all forms of consuming something now, and replacing the consumed goods (i.e. capital goods) with a note that says “I.O.U.” But unless that borrowing financed productive assets that will pay the note with interest, it’s counterfeit credit. It cannot and will not be paid… (Continue to full article)

US National Debt Passed $23 Trillion, Jumped $1.3 Trillion in 12 Months
The US gross national debt – the sum of all Treasury securities outstanding – passed another illustrious milestone, $23.01 trillion, the US Treasury department disclosed on Friday. And it got there at lightning speed just eight months after having passed the illustrious milestone of $22 trillion on February 11. Over the past 12 months, the US national debt has jumped by $1.33 trillion – and these are the good times, and not a financial crisis when everything goes to heck And these are the good times. What happens in a recession?… (Continue to full article)

Time for Investors to Reset Their Portfolios for Inflation
no national wealth is gained overall through the artificial interjection of monetary inflation by the Federal Reserve. But the central bank’s interventions do have the effect of transferring wealth – often from wage earners and savers to speculators and leveraged financial institutions. The Fed’s recent stimulus campaigns and pronouncements on inflation may be setting up investors who buy into conventional asset markets for failure. Last week, Fed chair Jerome Powell reiterated his goal of achieving a 2% inflation objective.

Put another way, the Fed aims to destroy 100% of the real value of any bond or bank certificate of deposit that yields 2%. Since most savings and money market accounts yield less than that, the Fed aims to ensure they deliver negative real returns… (Continue to full article)

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