49 Cometh: October 3, 2019


Darn! Just lost my BIGGEST customer…
OFFICIALS found a stash of Thirteen tons of gold bars (worth £300million) and £30 billion in cash in the basement of an allegedly corrupt Chinese former mayor of Haikou City. 58-year-old Zhang Qi, allegedly also has a portfolio of luxury properties – and will face the death penalty if he is found guilty of “economic crimes.” Hau yoo do dat??? (Continue to full article)

The Fed’s “Insurance” Rate Cuts Didn’t Work. Now For The Emergency Cuts
Pity the guys now running the Fed. They’ve inherited an economy that requires ever-bigger infusions of new credit and ever-lower interest rates to avoid financial cardiac arrest. But with interest rates already perilously close to zero… (Continue to full article)

Auto Loans Stretch To Eight Years To Accommodate Irresponsible Car Buyers
About a third of all US auto loans issued today are stretching out to seven years, according to the Wall Street Journal. By comparison, a decade ago, the seven-year loan only made up about 10% of all loans.

Why? Because that’s the only type of loan increasingly more Americans can afford to amortize. Dealers are at the point where they make more money on the loans than on the cars that they sell… (Continue to full article)

“The Collapse Is Here”: Initial U.S. Auto Sales For September Paints An Ugly Picture
After a couple months of stagnation, automobile sales in the United States took a significant step backwards in September, according to Bloomberg. This sets the stage for increased incentive spending by carmakers, who will be desperate to clear inventory heading into the end of the year. …initial auto sales results from Toyota and Honda can only be described as disasters… (Continue to full article)

JPMorgan Chase Has a Pattern of Criminality; Now Wall Street Is Pointing to the Bank as a Cause of the Fed’s Emergency Loans
Two notable things happened on Monday, September 16, 2019. Rates started to spike in the overnight loan (repo) market, reaching a high of 10 percent the next day and forcing the Federal Reserve to step in as a lender of last resort for the first time since the financial crisis. The Fed has had to intervene every business day since then with overnight loans, funneling hundreds of billions of dollars to its primary dealers, while also providing $150 billion in 14-day term loans to unnamed banks. The other notable thing to occur on September 16 was this: The largest bank in the United States, JPMorgan Chase, had its precious metals desk charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with being a criminal enterprise for approximately eight years as it rigged the prices of gold, silver and other precious metals… (Continue to full article)

Home-Flipper Lending Hits 13-Year High: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?
The flippers are back and the competition fierce as there are fewer and fewer foreclosed properties to bid on. Haven’t we been down this road before? The Bubble will be back sooooon… OMG – what will happen to all of those 24/7 Flipping Shows on HGTV???  (Continue to full article)

40 States Are Drowning In Debt, Just Like The Federal Government
As the United States government continues to pile up debt, most states are following in its footsteps. Total state government debt now stands at $1.49 trillion with 40 states lacking sufficient funds to pay their bills. In simple terms, if you’re depending on a fat government pension to fund your retirement dreams, your golden years could turn into a nightmare… (Continue to full article)

Keep up the Fight Randy – You are needed today!

Q4 2019: Last Train Out for Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bulls?
The run up of the last few months to $1,565 gold and $19 silver has stalled out into a relatively high-level correction, giving back less than might be expected after such a spirited rise.

The people who are prepared are going to reap rewards such as they have never dreamed. We’re going to have the biggest transfer of wealth in history – from the fools – to those who are prepared. – Bob Moriarty

Whatever gold’s potential gain, silver’s will almost certainly be considerably greater, as has historically been the case… (Continue to full article)

Stock Prices Are Plunging, And Many Fear This Could Be Another “Black October” For The Stock Market
The stock market hasn’t started a quarter this badly in about a decade, and if stock prices continue to plummet it could set off a wave of panic selling unlike anything that we have seen in a very long time. Of course it wouldn’t be the first time that we have seen a major stock market crash during the month of October. If I mention “October 1929”, you immediately know what I am referring to, and the same thing is true for October 1987 and October 2008… (Continue to full article)

Bank Gold Price Manipulation Continues
The Banks will continue to manage and rig prices until the time comes that it is no longer profitable for them to do so… (Continue to full article)

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