The Guns of August: Day Six


U.S. Stocks Plummet as Gold Moves Closer to $1500
At its low the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down well over 900 points trading to a low of 25,523.38. Although it closed off of its lows the Dow lost 767.27 points today, which is a net decline of 2.90%, as it settled at 25,717.74. At the same time gold prices surged to the highest trading point over the last six years with December futures trading to a high of $1481.80. Currently gold futures are at $1476.00 which is a net increase of $18.50, gaining 1.27% on the day… (Continue to full article)

The case for owning gold keeps getting stronger
Bullion prices surged Monday, while everything else fell apart, rising 1.5% to a fresh six-year high. Gold is proving the hot asset of the trade battle between Donald Trump and China.

Gold has now risen a hefty 17% since the moment last December when Trump warned: “I am a Tariff Man.”

During that time it’s left a lot of other popular investments trailing in the dust. It’s beaten the stock index by a hefty 15 percentage points, include three on Monday. It’s crushed popular investments like Apple, Alphabet, GOOGL, and Netflix. It’s beaten Tesla by 53 percentage points… (Continue to full article)

The title alone says it all… but then, Lee Ann is such a story teller!

As gold and silver catch fire, what’s happening?
The New York Commodities Exchange’s gold market has been operating very differently, with most contracts seeking delivery converted into a formerly rarely used mechanism called “exchange for physicals” whereby they are settled somewhere off the exchange, apparently in London. Until recently this mechanism was said to be used only in emergencies. Now it seems to be settling most Comex gold contracts. The implication is that there is little or no gold available immediately in Comex vaults. Whatever it means, there is a huge change here… (Continue to full article)

The messages from the ECB and the Fed couldn’t be clearer. They are seeing major problems in the financial system and in the world economy and they will do whatever it takes to save the system. But they will fail.

The autumn of 2019 will see a major shift in sentiment as markets turn from a secular bull to a secular bear. We are likely to see major crashes in many global stock markets. Virtually no one is prepared for this so there will be both panic and despair… (Continue to full article)

Gold Hits Multi-Year Highs On Monday Morning, Lagging Silver Price Presents Amazing Opportunity
Fundamentally speaking, after the two horrific shootings that took place over the weekend, gold & silver now will begin to price-in a renewed, overly ambitious US Federal government looking to snatch-up even more of We the People’s Freedom & Liberty all the while becoming more intrusive, obstructive, controlling, and, quite frankly, more imposing of its will by means of brute force.

In other words, I said it is now obvious the “Fear Trade” is on with gold, and it’s about to start kicking into high gear… (Continue to full article)

Wall Street to Come Under Scrutiny in September House Hearings
On July 31, 2019, the US Federal Reserve decreased the Federal Funds Rate (FFR) by 25 basis points. We believe the US Fed was pushed to take this action for three reasons that are directly related to the fear and greed that is abundant in the global markets. Gold is reacting to the US Dollar/Fed news by rotating within the black line and magenta arc levels that we highlighted weeks ago. These Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arcs highlight key price levels that are acting as resistance for Gold right now. Once price breaks these levels, Gold will skyrocket above $1550 and likely target $1650 or higher… (Continue to full article)

Buckle Up, It’s About to Get Nasty
Stocks are a bloodbath this morning as trade war worsens between China and the U.S.

Last week, President Trump threatened to hit China with another 10% in tariffs on $300 billion worth of goods. Over the weekend China retaliated by

The S&P 500 is falling hard on the news. We’ve had a confirmed breakdown from the bearish rising wedge formation (red lines). We’ve also taken out support (blue lines)… (Continue to full article)

[Got physical… close at hand?]

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