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Hi-Ho Silver, awaaay

The Real Potential For Silver Is $840/oz
Some investors might reallocate part of their assets to cash as market volatility increases.. But they can’t earn any return on their cash with rates anywhere from negative to just positive. And then they have the bail-in risk as banks incur major losses. Then, as all currencies finish their run to ZERO, the complete debasement of money will have completed its course. Remember that they have already all lost 97-99% since the Fed was founded in 1913.

Silver is much more volatile than gold and therefore not the same degree of wealth preservation. Still, we are likely to see a most spectacular move in silver starting shortly. Silver is incredibly undervalued and depressed and once it breaks out, is likely to explode… (Continue to full article)

Silver Due For 40% Upside From Here
The gold-silver ratio implies that silver has a lot of upside potential, this according to d Egilinsky, Managing Director and Head of Alternative Investments at Direxion. “[The gold-silver ratio is] in the 90’s still, historically, they’ve been in the mid-60’s. What does that say? If gold stayed right where it is right now, silver’s probably due for a 30 to 40 percent upside move from here… (Continue to full article)

Silver’s Rally To Close In On $19 In A Year
With silver trading near fresh one-year highs, analysts see a lot more gains in store for the metal, which could be “more aligned to the perception of real economic activity.”

Silver saw positive action on Monday after hitting 13-month highs on Friday. September Comex silver prices were last at $16.40, up 1.30% on the day. “We liked silver for a long time. It is nice to see it do what it should be doing… (Continue to full article)

Gold & Silver Price Manipulation – The Greatest Trick ever Pulled
There is probably no other topic in the gold and silver markets which incites heated debate more than the subject of precious metals price manipulation.

That prices in the precious metals markets are manipulated is not speculation, it is fact, a fact made clear again recently by the Commodity Futures and Trading Commission´s (CFTC) ruling against investment bank Merrill Lynch Commodities Inc (MLCI) for spoofing pricing of gold and silver futures contracts on the COMEX exchange. The number of investigations, legal cases, class actions and financial headlines involving precious metals manipulation are now so pervasive that it’s hard to keep track of which cases are in motion and which investment banks are under scrutiny at any given time… (Continue to full article)

Silver Seeks to Catch Up With Gold
Silver finally got some attention from investors this week. Bloomberg’s Eddie van der Walt writes that silver has been in gold’s shadow for eight years now and that the price ratio between the two rose above 93 this month – a level not seen since 1992. National Bank Financial analysts Don DeMarco said that when the ratio falls below 90, which it did on Tuesday, the average one-year return for silver is 22 percent and 10 percent for gold. The silver spot rose about 6.40 percent this week… (Continue to full article)

Gold is For Freedom and Benefit
Lemmings have a herd mentality. But following the crowd, can have grave consequences like falling off a cliff and drowning in the ocean. Many investors have the same instinct. They follow the crowd and buy or sell when other people do. This probably won’t end in the same disaster as the lemmings, but following the crowd virtually never leads to a successful long term investment performance… (Continue to full article)

Consumers could get up to $20,000 apiece in Equifax settlement — how to get your share
Some 147 million American consumers had their personal information stolen, according to the class-action lawsuit being settled in the deal. That’s almost half of the 329.2 million people living in America. The stolen information included names and birth dates, and hackers also took approximately 146 million Social Security numbers, according to Equifax’s SEC filings… (Continue to full article)

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