Dateline: July 17, 2019


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Congress courageously sticks US taxpayers with a $6 trillion liability
The names of these laws all sounded wonderful. But their effects were absolutely terrible. There seems to be an unwritten rule with lawmakers that, every time they create a terrible piece of legislation, they give it the most noble-sounding name.

The USA PATRIOT Act from 2001 was a great example. It sounds great. Who wouldn’t love a law named for Patriots? And yet that was easily among the most freedom-killing laws ever passed in US history, giving the federal government nearly unlimited authority to wage war and spy on its own people… (Continue to full article)

Senator Compares Facebook’s Libra Association to Spectre in James Bond Movie
Yesterday the U.S. Senate Banking Committee assembled to hear Facebook’s David Marcus explain how the company wants to create a global digital currency called Libra, to be run by a Switzerland-based global organization called the Libra Association, made up of 27 members from the fields of payment systems, technology, telecommunications, blockchain services, venture capital, nonprofits and academic institutions… (Continue to full article)

The real minimum wage is $0 (zero, nothing, nada) per hour
High minimum wages just help force a West Coast restaurant chain into bankruptcy, and it has already closed multiple locations. This means that a growing number of the chain’s workers will not be earning the legally mandated minimum wage of $15 an hour — and many earned more — but the economically realistic $0 per hour. In other words, nothing. Or for the multicultural and diverse politically correct crowd…nada. That’s Spanish for…nothing. And many only Spanish immigrant (both legal and illegal) speakers work in the food service and restaurant industries… (Continue to full article)

Investor Who Called The 1987 Market Crash Has Bailed On Stocks & Bonds
This market is unexplainable and things are not adding up. The investor says that even as stocks are nearing a peak, thirty-year U.S. bonds on a 6 and 12-month basis are doing far better than they’ve ever done at a final market top. That isn’t really making much sense.

That the final leg of this stock market rally coincides with a bond market rally, which will signal a peak for stocks. Is that something to watch for? Maybe, considering Berg called the 1987 market crash… (Continue to full article)

Leaving The Station: Gold, Silver & Real-World Skills Are Your Tickets, But There’s Not Much Time
Give thanks to God, give thanks to the cartel, or give thanks to whatever or whoever you want to give thanks to. Because we all have had extra time to prepare.

We have had time to prepare to convert our wealth into real, physical gold and silver, which will not only preserve our wealth, but which also has the potential to see massive returns on our investments. I think we will see those returns in the short and long-terms, as in for years to come… (Continue to full article)

As Wall Street Celebrates Rising Stock Prices, Companies Are Literally Shutting Down All Over America
How long can the stock market possibly stay completely disconnected from economic reality? On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose just 27 points, but that was good enough to push it to yet another new all-time record high. Investors have been absolutely thrilled by the extremely impressive bull run that we have witnessed so far in 2019, but there is no way that this is sustainable. Wall Street may be celebrating for the moment, but meanwhile all of the hard economic numbers are telling us that we have now entered a new economic slowdown… (Continue to full article)

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Gold: The Unfortunate Final Refuge
I have always been amazed by our collective ability to forget history. This applies to everything from politics, to war, to economics. The same things repeat with varying predictable patterns throughout the centuries. As Mark Twain is reputed to have said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”

In the words of Carly Simon, “It’s coming around again!” As I look around, all I see is a perfect storm of stupidity. I don’t have a crystal ball and I have been wrong about markets before. But to me, the pages of history are beginning to look like the proverbial writing on the wall.

So think of gold as insurance. Not an investment. Having some amount never hurts… (Continue to full article)

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