Dateline: June 11, 2019


Gold Takes a Needed Consolidation and Correction After Respectable Gains
On February 20 of this year gold pricing peaked at $1350 per ounce, the highest value gold has achieved this year up until recent action. For almost 5 months following the highs achieved on February 20 gold prices methodically and slowly corrected, giving up roughly 50%of the gains that were achieved from October 2018 until the middle of January. On that particular rally gold prices moved a total of $150.00, taking gold from just under $1200 per ounce to $1350. What would follow was gold prices giving back approximately $75 until it reached a triple bottom at approximately $1270 per ounce.. (Continue to full article)

Why do we live under a monopoly?
We read about the FED’s current monetary stance, whether it’s good or bad for the economy. Have we lost the concept of monetary freedom? That in a free world there would be no FED and no monetary policy? That the easily-inflatable digits forced on us as a medium of exchange serves the interests of a privileged elite at our expense? That the FED’s inflationary prowess has augmented the funding of foreign “adventures” that leave endless wreckage and death in their wake, while stuffing the bank accounts of warmongers? That it’s equated saving with self-immolation? That the counterfeiting FED is made possible by a government that’s criminal by design?… (Continue to full article)

Banks Are Scheming to Dominate a Future Cashless Society
“We are declaring war on cash,” Visa spokesman Andy Gerlt proudly proclaimed after the program was announced.

The food-based small businesses Visa is targeting are among those that benefit most from accepting cash from customers. When transactions are for amounts less than $10, the fees charged cut significantly into profits. Only 28% of food trucks currently accept credit card payments because of the huge losses they incur from them. The bribe from Visa may seem appealing up front but will be mostly paid back to them over the next few years in fees alone… (Continue to full article)

“The Skid Is Everywhere”, And We Just Received More Confirmation That The Worst Is Yet To Come
All over America, large portions of our major cities are being transformed into stomach-churning cesspools of squalor. Thousands of tens cities are popping up from coast to coast as the homeless population explodes, even the New York Times admits that we are facing “the worst drug crisis in American history”, there were more than 28,000 official complaints about human feces in the streets of San Francisco last year alone, and millions of rats are currently overrunning the city of Los Angeles. And yet the authorities continue to insist that the economy is in good shape and that everything is going to be just fine… (Continue to full article)

Gold To Reach 6 Year High Over $1,400 on Uncertain Outlook for Global Markets
Gold is finally gaining the traction needed to boost prices to a level not seen since 2013 as concern mounts over increased trade war tensions and the global growth outlook. Bullion may touch $1,400 an ounce this year as investors hedge risk, according to Rhona O’Connell, head of market analysis for EMEA and Asia regions at INTL FCStone Inc. Spot gold was at about $1,326 an ounce on Monday after jumping to a 13-month… (Continue to full article)

The Fed Stops Pretending
Well, it didn’t take much and it didn’t take long. After years of delays, a tentative start, many cautious pauses along the way, and a top speed that never really hit cruising velocity, the Fed has taken the first available off-ramp on the road towards… (Continue to full article)

TROUBLE BREWING IN THIS ECONOMY? Home Flipping Rates Foretell Problems In Housing Market
House flipping is at a nine-year high! While that may seem like good news, it actually foretells major problems in the housing market – a market we all can see is in a gigantic bubble right now… (Continue to full article)

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This Wasn’t Supposed To Happen: US Employment Growth Plunges To The Lowest Level In 9 Years
If the U.S. economy was heading into a recession, we would expect to see a slowdown in the employment numbers, and that is precisely what is happening. According to payroll processing firm ADP, the U.S. economy only added 27,000 new jobs in May, and that is way below the number that is needed just to keep up with population growth. Of course some in the mainstream media are attempting to put a positive spin on this, but there really is no denying that this is a truly awful number. In fact, we have not seen a number this bad in more than 9 years… (Continue to full article)

Morgan Stanley bear warns his bleak scenario for 2019 is taking shape
Mike Wilson — hailed across Finance Twitter as “Wall Street’s most bearish analyst” — says there’s one big risk out there for investors… That he’s right.

“The macro and micro economic data continue to deteriorate,” Morgan Stanley’s chief investment officer wrote, pointing to weak durable goods orders, disappointing capital spending, soggy retail earnings, lackluster freight shipments, and a “very soft” jobs number as evidence of an economy running on fumes.

“This raises the risk of my core view playing out — that companies will do whatever it takes to protect margins,” Wilson wrote. “And while labor is the last lever they pull, they will use it if they need to.”… (Continue to full article)

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