Dateline: June 10, 2019


Edmonton Man Finds $100,000 Worth Of Gold And Silver In Calgary
It looks like the people of Edmonton may have a knack for tracking down treasure, as a man from Alberta’s capital became the second local to locate $100,000 worth of gold and silver. The news comes just a few days after it was announced that the Edmonton treasure was located in less than 24 hours after the hunt was initiated. Now, the only treasure that remains unfound is one hidden in Vancouver… (Continue to full article)

This, And Only This, Is Money
Gold has been the standard for thousands of years as the currency or currency standard of civilizations and humans engaged in commerce. Gold has proven to be the most stable when not manipulated by an existing government. It has also been the exchange medium most favored by mankind throughout history.

Whenever governments have chosen other than gold, with a few exceptions, the manipulation of currency has resulted more frequently and with more rapid damage, which is why individuals have often used gold as the medium of exchange regardless of the another currency issued by some government. It is ultimately “only individuals [that] choose, not societies as a whole, and whenever individuals have been free to choose, they have selected gold from amongst all market possibilities… (Continue to full article)

Why Own Gold? The Top 10 Reasons to Buy Gold Now
It’s natural and even prudent for an investor to wonder if a particular asset is a good investment or not. That’s especially true for gold, since it’s an inert metal and doesn’t earn any interest.

But the reasons for owning physical gold go beyond the possibility of its price rising. Gold bullion offers distinct advantages that simply can’t be found in almost any other investment. These advantages give you power as an investor. And yes, one of these reasons is because the price is poised to rise significantly.

To get these advantages, you must buy physical gold. Not paper forms like ETFs or futures contracts, but gold bullion, like coins and bars. Got GOLD? Call us NOW at 602-799-8214… (Continue to full article)

Morgan the Pirate, Jamie Dimon

The Fed’s Glue-Sniffing Announcement Involving JPMorgan Chase
Federal Reserve inspectors appear to be on some kind of mind-altering drug or their superiors are simply taking their marching orders from Wall Street cronies in the Trump Administration. Yesterday the Fed released a terse 104-word statement indicating that the largest and serially charged bank in the U.S., JPMorgan Chase, had shown “evidence of substantial improvements” in its “risk-management program and internal audit functions” and the Fed was therefore removing the dog collar it had put on the bank in January 2013… (Continue to full article)

Roberts: The Current State Of The United States Economy
We live in a Matrix of Lies in which our awareness is controlled by the explanations we are given. The control exercised over our awareness is universal. It applies to every aspect of our existence. In the article below I show that not only is our understanding of the economy controlled by manipulation of our minds, but also the markets themselves are controlled by official intervention.

In brief, you can believe nothing that you are officially told. If you desire truth… (Continue to full article)

Maund: Fed to Tank Dollar…And Will Not Save the Stock Market
It is measure of how fragile and precarious the situation is that the moment the markets looked like they were on the verge of crashing again, which of course they were, the Fed moved to head it off by saying that they would start cutting rates. How things change as it was only late last year that they were talking about raising rates three or four times this year. Basically what has happened is that they have lost control they don’t control the markets, the markets control them.

“This is why gold is strong now and why it is soon going to break above $1400 into a major new bull market…”… (Continue to full article)

PREPPING TIP: How to Make Coffee Without Electricity
Coffee is an important survival item! Well, for some it is, for others, maybe not. But even without electricity, we can still enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee… (Continue to full article)

… but then – I still need my morning coffee!

Gold Is Not An investment – It’s A Store Of Value
But right now….and remember….investing is all about timing….I think there is less risk to holding gold than not. Just a small amount of physical gold or silver probably makes some sense. Gold is respected throughout the world for its value and rich history. How many other assets do you know that can make the same claim?

It’s clear to be bullish about gold prices, but if you’re not comfortable with investing, then at least think about having some gold for a rainy day… (Continue to full article)

[Got physical… close at hand?]

Let’s do something about that…

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