Dateline: May 7, 2019


The stock market is on pace for its worst month since the December rout — as volatility returns with a vengeance
Sell in May and go away? Perhaps investors should have after the start to this month.

A somnambulant period that saw equities to or toward record territory appears to be over. It’s still early, but stocks are positioned for their worst month of this trading year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -1.56% was off nearly 400 points on Tuesday, with that decline, after Monday’s slip, putting the blue-chip index on track for its worst monthly skid since a 8.7% tumble back in December. Although, the Dow had lagged behind its benchmark peers, it had been close to its own Oct. 3 record before staging its current trade-inspired retreat… (Continue to full article)

There Is A Record 1.7 Million More Job Openings Than Unemployed Workers
In March, the number of job openings surged by a whopping 346K to 7.488 million, the fourth highest number of job openings on record, meaning there was 1.7 million more job openings than unemployed workers… (Continue to full article)

Chicago Expected To Be Nation’s Weakest Major Housing Market In 2019
Without property and income tax relief, housing in Illinois will continue to be less attractive, Illinois’ population will likely continue its decline, and the Chicago-area housing market will continue to be among the worst in the nation… (Continue to full article)

Investors Are NOT Storing Gold At COMEX, This Will HURT THE BANKERS
May 3/Gold Up $9.35 To $1280.15//Silver Up 34 Cents To $14.95//Registered Comex Gold Inventory Down To Only 6.6 Tonnes//Queue Jumping Huge In Silver At 1.375 Million Oz///Also Queue Jumping In Gold//Beijing Warns Trump To Compromise Or Else !!//Deutsche Bank And Commerzbank Again Fail To Make A Deal At A Merger//Strong Jobs Report… (Continue to full article)

Elizabeth Warren: The Woman Who Knows Too Much about Wall Street
In May 2012 when New York Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote his severely factually-challenged analysis of whether the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act had led to the Wall Street collapse in 2008, he seemed to have an agenda of undermining Elizabeth Warren, then running for her first U.S. Senate seat from Massachusetts, in her push to restore the Glass-Steagall Act… (Continue to full article)

I Dare You To Say “Booming Economy” After Reading These 19 Facts
The latest numbers are clearly telling us that the U.S. economy is not even moving in the right direction. Economic conditions are getting worse, and… (Continue to full article)

The Dow Made A Miraculous 400 Point Recovery, But Now Renewed Trade Fears Are Sending Markets Plunging Once Again
If your head is spinning from the wild fluctuations that have shaken global financial markets, you are definitely not alone. On Sunday, President Trump angrily threatened to hit China with enormous new tariffs, and it looked like hopes for a trade deal between the United States and China had collapsed. Overnight, Chinese stocks had their worst session in three years, and many expected U.S. stocks to experience a similar plunge… (Continue to full article)

Central Banks Dump Dollars And Buy Gold
Yes, central banks are buying gold? But this time the motivations of the buyers are different than they were in years past, and they are worrying. That’s why investors should take note.

In the past, central banks had to buy gold because of its vital role in the global financial system. Now they are choosing to do so because they are worried about the dollar. In other words, they’ve been scared into this bullion buying binge… (Continue to full article)

Trump Labor Dept Enables Workforce Abuses
Two days before May Day, the Trump administration quietly punished the American worker. In a ruling lost in the din of the Mueller report and the 2020 inanity, Trump’s labor department determined that an unidentified company’s workers were contractors and not employees – a decision that could free tech behemoths everywhere to further exploit the people who help generate their titanic value… (Continue to full article)

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