Dateline: May 6, 2019


Gold To Gain as Global Markets Brace for Turmoil
With central banks buying more and more gold… and economic perspectives looking dull, gold will eventually go up… (Continue to full article)

Inflated And Overpriced Retail Real Estate Turns Manhattan Into “Wasteland”
If you want to see the future of storefront retailing, walk nine blocks along Broadway from 57th to 48th Street and count the stores…… Los Angeles, San Francisco… Will Manhattan become the shit-pile of the East Coast??? (Continue to full article)

Dow Futures Plunge 500 Points Amid Trump Trade Threat Turmoil
Futures markets have just opened and Dow Futures are down 500 points… after Trump’s China Trade deal threats… (Continue to full article)

The Glut Cometh
More than 4.2 million new cars are stacked up unsold as of this month – which is an alarming half-million more cars than were stacked up guess when? (Continue to full article)

A Voice From the Grave?
The hundreds of meetings that Chilton had concerning JPMorgan’s excessive and manipulative short positions starting in 2008 featured other participants, not just Chilton. Most of these other participants have been quick to publicly lament his untimely passing, but still appear bound by some type of strict inner code not to admit to what Chilton admitted – the revelation that JPMorgan had been manipulating the price of silver (and gold) since it took over Bear Stearns in 2008… (Continue to full article)

One of a series of superbly filmed and produced videos from Toby Keith – and there is that cup o’ coffee

8 Reasons Why Gold Will Soon Break The $1,350 Line In The Sand
Why do 99.9% of investors not own gold? Due to my interest and activity, I clearly meet a higher percentage than the 0.1% who both understand and own gold. But I also meet a lot of people who have been indoctrinated by their investment advisors and the media about gold’s uselessness. Most of these people don’t understand gold and don’t know the history of gold, nor its role as money… But gold should not be bought for speculative investment purposes. Gold should be held as wealth preservation or insurance against a rotten financial system that is unlikely to survive in its present form. (Continue to full article)

Pension Funds Unable to Save New York City from Bankruptcy Again
The Big Apple is in a fiscal crisis and facing another potential bankruptcy. Back in 1975, New York City was over $200 million in debt with a $1.5 billion deficit and a $12 billion budget. The city’s lawyers were prepared to file a bankruptcy petition with the State Supreme court, the police were mobilized to serve papers to its creditors in the banking industry… so – here we go again! (Continue to full article)

Why US Dollar Strength is a Long-Term Catalyst for Gold
Gold and the US Dollar have an inverse relationship. Gold is priced in US Dollars and the drivers of each are similar (from an inverse point of view). Over long-term periods both trend in the same direction but the magnitude of the moves can vary and be quite different.The standard inverse relationship has not… (Continue to full article)

Gold Investors Taking Possession and Repatriating Gold To Home Country
There is a growing movement by investors and central banks internationally to “repatriate” gold and own it “in country” due to concerns of gold confiscation and financial repression involving capital and exchange controls. A form of gold confiscation has already been seen with Venezuela unable… (Continue to full article)

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