Dateline: May 7, 2019


Family Dollar will close nearly 400 stores
Family Dollar will close 390 stores this year — one of many big changes the discount retailer hopes will help reverse its fortunes.

The chain courts low-income shoppers with an array of items sold for under $10 at its more than 8,000 stores. It is owned by the Dollar Tree, which operates an eponymous chain of 7,000 other stores in suburban areas. Dollar Tree stores cater to customers who make more than Family Dollar customers do, but all of their products sell for only $1… (Continue to full article)

Why Silver is the precious metal to buy right now (rather than gold)
Fear drives up precious metal prices. Fear of war, defaults, inflation, civil unrest and anything that undermines trust in government. A week after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008, gold and silver jumped by 15%. Three years later, during the height of the European government debt crisis, when the obligations of Italy, Ireland, and Greece resembled junk bonds, silver more than quadrupled in value, while gold increased 250%… (Continue to full article)

Florida Man Redeems Rare Stolen Coins Worth $33,000 In Supermarket ‘Coin Star’ Machine
“Florida Man” has really outdone himself this time. After stealing a rare coin collection from an elderly and disabled retiree, Shane Anthony Mele dumped what their owner said was at least $33,000 worth of collectible coins down a Coin Star star machine at a Florida supermarket and collected their face value, receiving about $30 – enough for a couple of 12 packs… (Continue to full article)

Yeah Baby, Cooking for miles – with Miles Davis…

Forget $8 Billion: Company Will Build 234 Miles Of Trump’s Border Wall For $1.4B
A North Dakota company is offering to build 234 miles of President Trump’s border wall for a fraction of the $8 billion President Trump wants for the same stretch. Telling the Washington Examiner that President Trump is overpaying, Fisher Sand and Gravel Company CEO Tommy Fisher says his company can do the job for just $1.4 billion, or $4.31 billion if the US government wants to incorporate paved roads and border technology – plus a warranty! (Continue to full article)

Investors Look To Protect Themselves As The Disease Ravaging The US Economy Spreads
2019 sure has been a weird year so far. On Wall Street, everything has been coming up roses for investors up to this point. Stock prices have risen more than 10 percent year-to-date, and the horrible crashes of late last year are quickly fading from memory. Meanwhile, the real economy is literally falling to pieces right in front of our eyes… (Continue to full article)

Gold Still on a Long Term Track to Reach $2,000 An Ounce
Why gold is down for the month, but still on a long-term track to reach $2,000 an ounce “A $22 trillion national debt and the lack of any will to rein in massive spending is making America’s creditors nervous and… (Continue to full article)

Silver: Declining Mine Supplies, Declining Ore Grades, Depleting Supplies
We have been on record for the since mid / lat 2017 stating the silver was going to begin rising in the second half of 2019 and 2020 would be a great year. We have also stated that beyond 2020 silver would begin ascending the charts while the supplies …… (Continue to full article)

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