Dateline: March 5, 2019


Store closure bloodbath as retailers shutter 465 stores in 48 hours
Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Foot Locker and JCPenney all announce closings. Gap, which is separating from Old Navy, will close 230 stores, while JCPenney announced it would it would shutter 18 locations with more expected.The same sob story was heard from Victoria’s Secret management when they said they will close 53 stores in the coming year… (Continue to full article)

Retailers Falling to Predatory PE Bankrupticies
Retailers are filing for bankruptcy at a staggering rate — and these 17 companies could be the next to default… (Continue to full article)

Fund Manager: Gold Is Historically Cheap When Compared To The Stock Market
Gold is very cheap when compared to the stock market, and that’s just one of things Dave Kranzler says is bullish for gold. Here’s what else is bullish… (Continue to full article)

Austin-Fitts: The World Is Choking On Debt – Buy Gold
Catherine says, “for many years, I said I don’t think gold is going to have a good investment run. I am changing that this year”… (Continue to full article)

We Can Realistically See Stocks Fall 98% In Value Against Gold
Egon he has an important lesson and update on the relationship between the stock market and gold. Smart investors will not want to miss this post… (Continue to full article)

The Fed Is Moving to Take Even More Control of Debt Markets and Interest Rates
The Fed is prepared to squeeze out what little is left of the free market forces in the debt market. The Fed wants full control so it can do “whatever it takes” to keep interest rates from rising above its very-low targets… (Continue to full article)

The Coming Restoration of Silver
The way I see it, silver has basically two major categories of use. The first and most important use is as a monetary asset. It is only when used as a monetary asset that it could… (Continue to full article)

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