Dateline: February 26, 2019


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Now For The Intense Phase Of The Silver Bull Market
Like all bull markets, the silver bull market has different phases, and theses phases have different intensities of price growth. There are various indications/signs that silver is going into a phase of the bull market where prices will rise much faster than before… (Continue to full article)

How to detect a Fake Tungsten Gold Bar
When one goes to buy gold they want real gold, not some cheap substitute like a fake tungsten gold bar. There has been a lot of rumor, neither credible nor verifiable sources, about bars containing both gold, the Ancient Metal of Kings and tungsten, the ‘heavy stone’… (Continue to full article)

The death of cash has been greatly exaggerated — just look to the $100 bill
In 2017, the $100 bill took the crown as the most popular U.S. bill, doubling since 2007, which has helped drive the sharp rise in currency and other liquid assets as a share of GDP. Oh Yeah – Sure – it now takes $100 to purchase what it only took $10 to buy when I was a kid… (Continue to full article)

Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” Would Cost $93 Trillion, Former CBO Director Says
It’s further expansion of the federal government’s role in some of the most basic decisions of daily life…would likely have a more lasting and damaging impact than its enormous price tag.“… (Continue to full article)

Stocks attempted to rally in the new week, and the last of the month of February. But alas, the early morning pop faded substantially into the afternoon. But they did finish slightly positive to flat. Gold and silver finished off a bit… (Continue to full article)

Why We Now Measure Gold in Dollars — and Not the Other Way Around
Prior to 1933, the name “dollar” was used to refer to a unit of gold that had a weight of 23.22 grains. Since there are 480 grains in one ounce, this means that the name dollar also stood for 0.048 ounce of gold. This in turn, means that one ounce of gold referred to $20.67 ~ and then they screwed the whole thing up … (Continue to full article)

US Mint 2019 Silver Eagles Currently Sold-Out
United States Mint announced late Thursday, Feb. 21 that due to market conditions they were unable to meet demand from Authorized Purchasers. This will create a spike in premiums on American Silver Eagles (ASE) for a short period. We see this shortage… (Continue to full article)

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