Dateline: February 5, 2019

The Coming Pension Fund Disaster
Get ready for a new era of precious metals investor. That’s correct. Up until now, the primary buyer of gold and silver have been the older generation, 40-65+, but that will all change when the next financial crisis hits. The Millennials, or those in the 23-38 age group, have participated less in the stock market…… (Continue to full article)

Central Bank Gold Purchases Hit A Record In 2018
Official gold purchases reached a new record in 2018 as central banks continued to diversify away from the U.S. Dollar. Not only was 2018 a banner year for central bank gold purchases, but it was also the highest amount for more than five decades. Central banks haven’t bought this much gold in one year since…… (Continue to full article)

The next recession will sweep the Socialists into power
We’re overdue for a recession and the socialist are already waiting in the wings to seize power… (Continue to full article)

World’s Biggest Pension Fund Suffers Record Collapse In Q4
“We can’t be optimistic about the investment performance toward March.” “There’s no need to be pessimistic just because GPIF would incur loss on its investment on a quarterly basis,”
… (Continue to full article)

A Bull Market To Eclipse All Bull Markets: When Gold Takes-Out $1400 It Probably Won’t Look Back
only will gold spike higher, but there will be little opportunity to buy gold on dips or pullbacks (spoiler alert: because there may not be any)…… (Continue to full article)

Fed Crumbles and Seals the Dollar’s Fate
The Fed didn’t just fold last Wednesday, it crumpled, capitulated. A long time ago we had figured out that when push came to shove, this is what it would do. However, we thought that it would take a market crash to force it to change course, in order that it could use that as solid justification for a U-turn, instead of which it only took a crashlet, or the start of a crash… (Continue to full article)

De Gaulle Convinced No US Gold Left
Could THIS be the real reason Nixon closed the window – to keep these accusations hidden? Gold Reserves are supposed to be just what they are called, Reserves to back the currency and the stability of the country. In spite of that many countries like the USA, UK and Switzerland have reduced their reserves significantly. Switzerland and the UK sold most of their gold at rock bottom prices at the end of the 1990s. The US had 20,000 tonnes at the end of the 1950s but then sold 12,000 tonnes between 1958 and 1971. Looking at the chart below, the US stopped selling gold after Nixon had closed the gold window in August 1971. One might ask if they have actually stopped selling or if they have just stopped reporting the sales… (Continue to full article)

Crypto exchange customers can’t access $190 million after CEO dies with sole password
customers of Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX wish its founder, Gerald Cotten, had ignored this advice. Cotten, who reportedly died in December 2018, took with him a costly piece of information — the password to access the customers’ digital currency, which is being held in cold storage. Cold storage is where a holder of crypto assets — in this case, the exchange — keeps the coins offline, or not on a computer or server. While cold storage mitigates the risk of a hack, access to the coins often requires passwords and encrypted codes for the devices that are holding the cryptocurrency. And now the debacle has hit the courts… (Continue to full article)

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