I wonder if all the newsletter folks…Bix, David “Silver Gorilla” Morgan, Jim “Golden Asshole” Wiley, Lynette Zang and the rest…throw big parties at the end of the year…to count their newsletter money (green paper, fiat money) and have a good laugh at us PM investors and what suckers we are for listening to them. Some of them might compete to see who can come up with the most outrageous prediction that we suckers will believe.

Biz to his pals; “Hey Lynette and you too, Silver Gorilla. Check it out. Next week I’m going to predict that aliens will invade us from mars, and force us back on to a BTC crypto standard. And the aliens will get drunk on Jack and crash a space ship into the White House… at which point, silver will shoot up to 750,000 grand an ounce. hahahahaha.” ~ Silver Burner

The above is what I have been telling my listeners and customers for many years. STOP listening to the newsletter salesmen and women. Use your common sense and maintain your privacy. STOP listening to and reading these phony promises – or you’ll wind up with ‘Beavis and Butthead‘ syndrome. Do you get it – Cornholio? Heed the warnings. ~ JB.

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