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How low will the S&P 500 go?
Every trader’s secret wish is to be psychic. If we could only know in advance whether the market was going to go up or down. Well, good luck trying to predict next year’s return—or even just tomorrow’s. But surprisingly, there are several recognized methods for projecting the S&P 500’s return in the next 7 to 15 years… (Continue to full article)

Trader says he has ‘no money at risk,’ then promptly loses almost 2,000%
Famous last words. Even one of the group’s moderators pleaded, “DO NOT DO THIS,” pointing out the potential downside. But that didn’t stop 1R0NYMAN. In fact, he apparently managed to withdraw $10,000 before it all hit the fan. And hit the fan it did… (Continue to full article)

Stocks Plunge, Consumer Pessimism Grows And U.S. Home Sales Just Hit Their Lowest Level In 3 Years
It appears to be more likely than ever that the U.S. economy is heading for a recession. On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 301 points as investors were rattled by several very important pieces of news. Back in 2008, home sales began to fall precipitously just prior to the financial crisis in the second half of that year, and now it is happening again… (Continue to full article)

U.S. Government Debt Bomb Much Higher Than Americans Realize
The U.S. Federal debt bomb continues to increase, even with the government shut down. In just one day, the U.S. public debt increased $50 billion on Jan 15th. While the total outstanding Federal debt has now reached nearly $22 trillion, it doesn’t include all U.S. government debt… (Continue to full article)

How California stayed with gold when the rest of the U.S. adopted fiat money…
We are ten years into the age of bitcoin. But people are still using national currencies like yen, dollars, and pounds to buy things. What does history have to say about switches from one type of monetary system to another? In this post I’ll dig for lessons from California’s successful resistance to a fiat standard that was imposed on it in the 1860s by the rest of the U.S…. (Continue to full article)

Why Silver & Barter Could Become the Alternative to Cryptocurrency
So, are you suggesting that we may see a shift to Silver by private individuals as the only way to sidestep Government stupidity, or will it be even worse, like trading whiskey for toilet paper??? Once you eliminate the freedom that paper money provides, the government may believe it will get 100% of every tax it ever dreamed of but the underground economy will flip to barter. As far as silver is concerned, I would prefer silver coins that are recognizable to the average person… (Continue to full article)

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