Copper: The Prince of Precious Metals

Historically speaking gold is considered the King of precious metals for reasons that need little explanation. If gold is King, then Silver would be considered the Queen, yet little is known of the Prince of monetary exchange – Copper.

Although 90% junk silver has been the coinage of choice for “Preppers” for many decades – it is, at the present in horrible short supply (at least two of the nation’s largest suppliers have little if any to sell); but even with the current downtrend in “spot” silver prices – the demand is so high for it – that the average cost (if any can be found) is $5.25 to $5.50 per ounce above “spot.” This translates to a cost of a full bag at just shy of $20,000 – over $3,000 higher than normal market prices at the present “spot” levels.

In addition to this – I believe that; unlike 1979-80, when silver previously reached $50.00 per ounce – our fathers and grandfathers owned “filling stations (we had no mini-markets at that time), who understood what those old silver coins were really worth. Those days are gone, as we now have foreigners who are running the show, who may not understand.

Enter the ounce…. 

Up until now, silver ounces have been the “currency of choice” for barter and trade. Although “spot” has come down in the last year – the premiums on silver ounces, whether American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics, Mexican Libertads, or just simple, .999 fine bullion rounds have escalated beyond reason – other than the simple supply and demand factor. Several times each year, the U.S. Mint has suspended delivery of Silver Eagles, and when released – it has done so by limited allocation. The demand for these products is so high, that it has forced delivery time out to a six to 8 week delivery time, with premium’s sometimes running as high as $6.00 above spot – at wholesale levels.

These rates are too high; as once they retreat – the buyer will take it in the shorts – and this has already begun to happen, but delivery times are still averaging six weeks.

Hence, the third metal – COPPER – is going to become the currency of choice for those in the know. Remember – copper is the world’s oldest metal medium, of exchange. In history – all things tend to return to their base at some point. Copper’s time has come again. Even the 10 year old Euro coinage is composed of 75% copper content – all while the US is considering, and Canada has already dropped copper from their coinage.

China has quietly amassed somewhere between (based on numerous reports) 39% and 72% of the world’s copper production and stock levels. It has also been reported (unconfirmed as of this post) that, many of the biggest banks have also been acquiring as much copper as they can.

(But don’t worry about the USA strategic copper stockpile – the US dumped all holdings by 1994 and currently holds ZERO copper).

NOTE: Visit ‘The Copper Vault‘ page for a better understanding of this and other copper related commentary at You will find both historical and interesting facts for your consideration within this column.

We envision copper as the new silver for several reasons – ABT;

1. Affordability
2. Barter-ability
3. Trade-ability

Check out this google link to Copper Bullion for sale.

WARNING: If you have visited the above link – be forewarned – these vendors are whores and thieves. Several examples show prices of $7.50 and $8.99 for a single 1 oz. copper round, which could be purchased from Kettle Moraine Precious Metals for as little as $1.30 each (in lots of 500 ounces), or as much as $2.04 each in a tube of 20 ounces. [Prices quoted for KML include all shipping costs]. Contact us for updated prices and product selection. (Ed.)

Don’t be concerned about what people know today – they will wake up when the economic collapse comes – and history has proven that it will. As the Boy Scout motto says, “Be Prepared.” Take advantage of these special offerings today, and someday – you will be glad that you did.

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