The Legend of Jacque Dupré

At the end of World War I, in the year 1918, Frenchman Jacque Dupré inherited the equivalent of $325,000.00 American dollars. Dupré used his inheritance wisely by converting it all into French, 20 franc gold coins. Each day for the rest of his life Monsieur Dupré spent the total sum of one gold coin to meet his needs – food, clothing, shelter, entertainment and medical.

Some years after his acquisition, French tax authorities performed the first of what would be many audits on Dupré. The authorities could discover no means of income – no bank accounts nor visible assets – and yet – their victim – the innocent Monsieur Dupré obviously lived quite comfortably in his modest Paris apartment.

Over the course of the following fifty-plus years the authorities would repeat their tyrannous efforts toward Dupré every few years – each time to no avail – and whether through inflation, deflation, recession, depression, peace-time or war, Dupré spent no more than one gold coin each day until he died.

~ Time passes ~
Although nearly sixty years had passed since Jacque Dupré had invested his fortune in those gold coins, he had spent but half of them by the time he died – but the final surprise was about to be discovered by his nephew.

Several weeks after Dupré’s passing, his sole heir, André was clearing out his Uncle’s old apartment and discovered the trunk which had held the secret for over six decades – the remaining cache of gold. Just under half of the original fortune remained – and yet it’s value now exceeded two-million dollars, American.

~ Lessons Learned – and Fortunes Remain ~
The fortune, which began valued at $325,000 was depleted by just over half the original number of 20 franc gold coins. Those that remained were now worth in excess of two-million dollars.

Take a lesson from the legacy Jacque Dupré left his only heir – the power of inter-generational wealth provision. It remains available – even today!

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