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Dreams of Prosperity and an Inflated Currency: Eradicate the Federal Reserve Bank

“Long before we wake up from our dream of prosperity through an inflated currency, our gold, which alone could have kept us from catastrophe, will have vanished and no rate of interest will tempt it to return.” ~ U.S. Senator Elihu Root (R-NY) 1913

Puck cartoon of Senator Nelson Aldrich circa 1906

The Federal Reserve Bank has been a bone of contention, since our nation’s founding.This rogue agency has proven itself to be the evil entity that many early American leaders believed it to be, but not one word on the Fed was forthcoming, when Congresswoman Maxine Waters announced the schedule of the House Financial Services Committee on October 3rd, after the Federal Reserve Bank started transferring billions of dollars into the Repurchasing Market on September 17th. This activated its proposal to hand seventy-five billion dollars a day to unnamed banks on Wall Street, until November 4th, the first such intervention since the 2008 economic collapse and the bailout of financial organizations deemed “too big to fail”; and, it is just one more criminal act in a long line of abuses committed against all America. Continue reading

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Here’s Why The Gold Price Could Really Soar Over The Next Two Years

At some point between the years 1483 and 1485, a Genoese businessman named Cristoffa Corombo had the opportunity to pitch his idea to King John II of Portugal. This period was the dawn of what historians call the ‘Age of Discovery,’ a time when European explorers sailed all over the world opening new trade routes.

They were the tech entrepreneurs of their day, famous for their bold, absurdly expensive, and extremely high-risk ideas that often ended in catastrophic failure (or the mental/physical enslavement of countless people). Continue reading

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Dateline: October 15, 2019


Expect gold price volatility as Wall Street bears take control
Volatility is alive and kicking in the gold market as Wall Street bears take near-term momentum away from the bulls with prices expected to fall next week, according to the latest Kitco News Weekly Gold Survey.

However, Main Street investors refuse to give up on the gold rally as they continue to expect prices to push higher next week… (Continue to full article)

Gold prices to return to $1,500 levels soon – analysts
Even though gold was getting beaten up on Friday, analysts were still optimistic that the precious metal was going to return to its key $1,500 level soon.

Gold fell more than 1% on Friday with December Comex gold futures last trading near two-week lows at $1,487.70 an ounce… (Continue to full article)

National Geographic Admits Billions Of People Will “Face Shortages Of Food And Clean Water” Over The Next 30 Years
Sadly, the truth is that our planet and everything that lives on it is rapidly deteriorating. And I am not talking about the false environmentalism being pushed by the mainstream media, Greta Thunberg and countless well-funded NGOs. What I am talking about is the stuff that is happening right in our face. We are systematically poisoning our planet, thousands upon thousands of species are going extinct, and we are literally running out of all of our most important natural resources. There isn’t going to be enough of anything in the not too distant future… (Continue to full article)

Will 2019 be the year of the big breakout for gold?
“In each of the last three years, gold has gotten off to a strong start only to fizzle as the year moved along. Will 2019 be the year gold finally breaks the pattern? A good many investors, fund managers and analysts think that 2019 might very well be the year when gold breaks the restraints and pushes to higher ground

With respect to gold’s relationship to the dollar, Gold’s got its own momentum now. . .It is all setting-up for higher gold prices and trouble for equities, trouble for the economy…. (Continue to full article)

Gold Demand Fragile
Gold investment demand was strong in the months following gold’s decisive breakout to new bull-market highs in late June. The metal’s upside momentum fueled big capital inflows, accelerating its gains. But soon after gold’s upleg stalled, so did the investment buying. With stock markets still near record highs, the normal portfolio-diversification motive for owning gold is lacking. Thus recent gold demand is fragile – and yet – we have been watching the spreads above spot slowly continue to increase – as there is MORE demand than an article of this type will admit to… (Continue to full article)

Monetary failure is becoming inevitable
Few observers seem aware that an economic and systemic crisis will occur at a time when government finances are already precarious. However, the consequences are unthinkable for the authorities, and for this reason it is certain such a downturn will lead to a substantial increase in monetary inflation. The scale of the problem needs to be grasped in order to assess how destructive it will be for government finances and ultimately state-issued currencies… and this WILL affect each of us! (Continue to full article)

$1,800 Gold…$2,200 Gold… What Next, $2,500 or $3,000 Gold?
While these figures may seem a little crazy and a lot crazy high, they are actually well within the realm of reality, especially, if we are talking about gold exchanged for non-U.S. currencies. Remember, gold is poised to climb higher this week with China returning from holiday after having been away for the past week.

If your planning a trip to Vietnam anytime soon it would be advisable to skip past the gold shops. Sure, stop in to take a look at all the variety of gold jewelry, bars and medallions that are unavailable in the U.S. but don’t bother adding any of it to your stack. Gold in Vietnam is running above $1,800 an ounce… (Continue to full article)

Many Americans say their financial situation is worse since the Great Recession
The Great Recession has officially been over for a decade, but for many Americans, there’s still little reason to celebrate.

More than half of Americans who were adults amid the Great Recession said they endured some type of negative financial impact, Bankrate found. And half of those people say they’re doing worse now than before the crisis… (Continue to full article)

Promises to be kept…

Fed’s Powell Admits a Bigger Bailout for Wall Street Is Coming
The Fed’s balance sheet had been bloated to the unprecedented level of $4.5 trillion by buying up bonds from Wall Street’s teetering banks during the financial crisis. The Fed likes to give its Wall Street bailouts fancy names to disguise their real purpose. This one was called Quantitative Easing or QE. From November 2008 until October 2014, the Fed deployed three rounds of QE – QE1, QE2 and QE3. The final one was known on Wall Street as QE-Infinity since it appeared to be open-ended… (Continue to full article)

J.P Morgan Warns About The “State” of the American Consumer
J.P. Morgan has taken to issuing warnings over the mental state and overall health of the American consumer’s habits. As a nation, we are deeply indebted to consumerism and that’s what is currently keeping the fragile economy afloat… Well, YEAH – these Pirates have been setting us up for the fall for years!!! (Continue to full article)

Back around 1972, the movie ‘Shaft may have been telling us more than we really wanted to know! The people were shafted then, it has happened since (Enron) and it is happening again…

Silver’s Short-Term Charts Indicate Long-Term Bull Trend Moves
For most of 2019, the emerging trends in the precious metals space have been undeniably strong. Many analysts (possibly a majority of the financial analyst community) seemed to think that these types of events were impossible, given the fact that the S&P 500 was on a clear course to continue posting record highs.

However, when this type of enthusiasm in equities reaches an extreme, it’s often a good idea to start looking at the precious metals space as a protective buffer against the growing potential for downside volatility… (Continue to full article)

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In the words of Bonnie Raitt…

…something to talk about!

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Slipping Into Madness“: The Comparisons To The 1920s And 1930s Are Just Uncanny

Yesterday I was watching a video of Yale History professor Timothy Snyder in which he states “It’s patently clear that some of the people who’re involved in current politics…are borrowing some of the tactics of the 1920s and 1930s.” That came hours after discussing another article comparing the political talk in the UK to the rhetoric of Joseph Goebbels. And look at today’s headlines: “Turkey begins offensive against US Ally in Syria”; “Fed worried about rising economic risks from trade war”; “EU offers ultimatum to Johnson on Brexit plan”; “India and China face off over Himalayan flashpoint”; and “Two Killed in Germany Shooting After Failed Attack on Synagogue.”

I published an in-depth report early in the year all about political populism. The key message was, we are seeing echoes of the 1920s and 1930s in today’s politics because we echo the economics of the 1920s and 1930s. (Continue…)

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Dateline: October 8, 2019


Precious Metals Getting Ready to Take Off Again But Downside Risks Remain
“I don’t see any conceivable path where Gold and especially Silver are not multiples higher in the years ahead. That’s just my humble opinion.”

Gold and Silver have both enjoyed tremendous rallies since November last year. They both finally peaked recently and have fallen 6.5% and 14% respectively since. Now they are rallying off their lows of 1465 and 16.94. The question is are they both done on the downside and are heading much higher or do we still have lower to go… (Continue to full article)

Fed’s “Insurance” Rate Cuts Didn’t Work, Now For The Emergency Cuts
Pity the guys now running the Fed. They’ve inherited an economy that requires ever-bigger infusions of new credit and ever-lower interest rates to avoid financial cardiac arrest. But with interest rates already perilously close to zero the usual leeway is no longer there.

Making the best of a bad hand, Fed chair Jerome Powell has been cutting the Fed Funds rate but managing expectations for future cuts by calling the current ones “recalibration” and “insurance.” In other words, “don’t expect a quick excursion into steeply-negative territory. In fact this latest cut might be all there is.” (Continue to full article)

U.S. Manufacturing Is Plunging…What Are The Implications For The Broader Economy & Gold?
American manufacturers are scoring ever deeper recessionary readings. We haven’t seen this bad an ISM Manufacturing reading in quite a while. Can it take the broader economy with it? And what about gold – when exactly will it get its shine? (Continue to full article)

Stormy start to October has stock investors worried: Will Q4 be ‘deja vu all over again’?
If you somehow forgot the stock market turmoil of the last few months of 2018, the first few days of this quarter may have been a stomach-churning reminder. But there are some fundamental differences now compared to then, analysts say, and while it doesn’t necessarily guarantee smooth sailing, it’s also possible we’ll avoid the worst of last year’s market carnage.

As a refresher: the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +1.42% opened on October 1, 2018 at 26,598. Three months later, shell-shocked traders were rummaging for dusty “Dow 24,000” sunglasses, with the index down 12%… (Continue to full article)

“Escape Illinois: Get The Hell Out Now, We Are”
An “Escaping Illinois” Facebook group has more than 39,000 followers. One man even wrote a song called “Goodbye Illinois,” lamenting the state’s taxes and political corruption and expressing his desire to leave… (Continue to full article)

“Dangerous Over-Reliance” On Central Banks; “They’ve Created A Snowflake Market”
Last year, before the market collapsed in the XIV debacle, Universa’s Mark Spitznagel warned “a reckoning always follows, something really big is coming” This is an age of massive artificial economic imbalances and systemic risks. Repress change, and you repress all that it means. Repressing it is sheer hubris and, in Dylan’s words, “beyond your command.” You can only defer it, not stop it… (Continue to full article)

A Realistic Argument PROVING $2,432 Gold and $149 Silver
I can paint whatever picture of truth I would like and cross every “T” and dot every “i” and it will not matter as long as these criminal mafia organizations are in charge of the markets. The numbers from the Federal Reserve prove beyond question the bullion banks are in complete control of the gold and silver markets… (Continue to full article)

“Paper Money Systems Have Always Wound-Up With Collapse And Chaos”
Warren Buffett, despite his extraordinary investment success, has a rather famous and long-standing love/hate relationship with precious metals.

Maybe it started with his dad – Congressman Howard Buffett of Nebraska – who, as a staunch advocate for the gold standard, argued to his colleagues on Capitol Hill that “paper money systems have always wound up with collapse and economic chaos.”… (Continue to full article)

the Doctah is in da House…

Illustration by Victor Juhasz

Fed Says It Will Offer $310 Billion More in Term Loans to Wall Street as Over 68,000 Job Cuts Planned at Mega Banks
One or more U.S. or foreign banks that are primary dealers to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is in need of longer-term loans that they are unable to get anywhere else – at least at an affordable rate of interest. That’s the only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from the Fed’s announcement on Friday that it is extending its money pumping program to Wall Street until at least November 4 and will be offering an additional $310 billion cumulatively in term loans (most for 14-days at a time) as well as offering at least $75 billion daily in overnight loan… (Continue to full article)

GE Freezes Pension Plans For 20K Employees In An Effort To Cut Liabilities
It appears that General Electric has gotten themselves leveraged a bit too far. The corporation has decided to freeze the pension plans of 20,000 employees in an effort to pay off some of their debt… (Continue to full article)

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The Power of Economic Pollaganda

“Pollaganda” – a polite word for B.S

The Leftmedia’s harping on the economy has yielded the desired pollaganda result. “Americans’ attitudes toward the economy took a sharp turn downward in the third quarter,” CNBC reports, reaching “the lowest level of optimism in three years.” Moreover, “With only 23% expecting the economy to improve and 32% believing it will get worse, the poll marks the first time in the Trump presidency that economic pessimism outstrips optimism.” Even worse for President Donald Trump, “50% now disapprov[e] of his handling of the economy, the worst of his presidency.” Continue reading

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Price Fixing in Ancient Rome

As might be expected, the Roman Republic was not to be spared a good many ventures into control of the economy by the government. One of the most famous of the Republican statutes was the Law of the Twelve Tables (449 B.C.) which, among other things, fixed the maximum rate of interest at one uncia per libra (approximately 8 percent), but it is not known whether this was for a month or for a year. At various times after this basic law was passed, however, politicians found it popular to generously forgive debtors their agreed-upon interest payments.

A Licinian law of 367 B.C., for instance, declared that interest already paid could be deducted from the principal owed, in effect setting a maximum price of zero on interest. The lex Genucia (342 B.C.) had a similar provision and we are told that violations of this “maximum” were “severely repressed under the lex Marcia.” Levy concludes that “Aside from the Law of the Twelve Tables, these ad hoc or demagogic measures soon went out of use.” (Continue to FULL story…)

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