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Double-Eagle Headlines: May 28, 2020


Some 42% Of Jobs Lost In Pandemic Are Gone For Good
Only some of roughly 36 million jobs lost since the beginning of the lockdowns designed to protect hospitals from surging cases of COVID-19 patients are not coming back in a V-shaped or a U-shaped recover. The University of Chicago estimates that 42% of the recent layoffs will result in permanent job losses.

“There’s no reasonable way to handicap this. If we were in a recession and you were asking me how long would it take to come out, I could handicap that pretty well just looking back at history. I can’t do that with this… (Continue to full article)

Pending Home Sales Plummet 35% YoY
Biggest Drop Ever As Buyers Forfeit Deposits “…this huge drop would indicate buyers forfeiting the deposit and walking away as they think the loss on the purchase would be higher than the deposit itself!!!

The housing market is temporarily grappling with the coronavirus-induced shutdown which reduced listings and purchases as many of these bank reserves are being depleted due to the economic downturn… (Continue to full article)

Over 40 Million Jobless In 10 Weeks
Nobody Ever Imagined It Would Get This Bad So Fast… what is most disturbing is that in the last ten weeks, almost twice as many Americans have filed for unemployment than jobs gained during the last decade since the end of the Great Recession… (Continue to full article)

Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus
Insolvent Wall Street banks have been quietly bailed out again. Banks made risk-free by the government should be public utilities.

When the Dodd Frank Act was passed in 2010, President Obama triumphantly declared, “No more bailouts!” But what the Act actually said was that the next time the banks failed, they would be subject to “bail ins” – the funds of their creditors, including their large depositors, would be tapped to cover their bad loans… (Continue to full article)

4th-Largest US Rental Car Company, Advantage, Files for Bankruptcy: 3rd Time in Decade, Hertz & Private Equity Written All Over It
The “bare bones” petition is a sign that “something was about to happen.” Pressure piles on the used-vehicle wholesale market.

The second major rental car company popped in less than a week – but this one is owned by a private equity firm, Catalyst Capital Group in Canada. Advantage Holdco Inc., the holding company of Advantage Rent-a-Car, the fourth largest rental car company in the US, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Tuesday late evening… (Continue to full article)

A Growing Wave of Bankruptcies Threatens U.S. Recovery
The bankruptcy epidemic in the U.S. started last year, long before any COVID-19 pandemic had touched down. U.S. retailers ranked among the greatest casualties of 2019 with a total of 17 bankruptcies. Big names among the retail bankruptcies in 2019 included Gymboree on January 16; Charlotte Russe on February 3; Things Remembered on February 6; Payless ShoeSource on February 18; Charming Charlie on July 11; Barneys New York on August 6; and Forever 21 on September 29. Now, the retail shutdowns resulting from COVID-19 have simply accelerated what was already a growing trend of companies seeking relief from debts they cannot pay back… (Continue to full article)

You don’t own what you think you own, and it could cost you everything. The DTCC is tasked with settling more than 500 MILLION shares of stock traded each day. If they aren’t doing so, you don’t own what you think you own, and it could cost you everything. The REAL NEWS the mainstream media won’t touch…

A story which I covered nearly 25 years ago… and NOW – people have stopped listening! (Continue to full article)

Food Shortages ‘May Only Get Worse’: Be Prepared ‘To See High Prices At Grocery Stores’
If you have been to a grocery store lately, then you already know that prices are higher than usual and that there are shortages of certain items. Many Americans have been assuming that as COVID-19 restrictions are slowly rolled back that these shortages will eventually disappear, but now even the Washington Post is admitting that “shortages may get worse” in the weeks and months ahead. Of course there will still be plenty of food available in the grocery stores, but… (Continue to full article)

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Double Eagle Headlines: May 26, 2020


Class of 2020 entering worst job market since Great Depression
The Class of 2020 started its senior year in a boom time, with the national unemployment rate at a near-record low of 3.7%. But in the bust driven by the coronavirus, 4 million new graduates are now entering the worst jobs market since the Great Depression. National unemployment stands at a jaw-dropping 14.7%, but the rate rises to 25.7% for those aged 20-24, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And that’s before the potential workforce is boosted by those leaving college.. (Continue to full article)

Gold Prices Could Hit a Record High by Year End. Just Don’t Expect an Easy Ride
U.S. gold prices are likely to gradually increase over time, says Darwei Kung, portfolio manager and head of commodities at asset management firm DWS Group.

An increase in individual investor demand has been “offset by reduced demand from central banks,” as many of these bank reserves are being depleted due to the economic downturn… (Continue to full article)

The Worst Unemployment Spike In U.S. History – 1 Out Of Every 4 Workers Has Filed For Unemployment Benefits In 2020
Even though most U.S. states have begun the process of “reopening” their economies, the unprecedented tsunami of job losses that we have been experiencing just continues to roll on. On Thursday, we learned that another 2.4 million Americans filed initial claims for unemployment benefits during the previous week, and that brings the grand total for this pandemic to a whopping 38.6 million. To get an idea of just how badly this swamps what we witnessed during the last recession, but… (Continue to full article)

Self Imposed House Arrest Nets 2 Kilos of Gold!
There is at least one tremendously good story coming from the global self imposed house arrest. Two children have found 2 one kilo gold bars while playing at a family members house. Can you imagine finding two gold bars weighing in at approximately a kilo per bar!! That’d be alright with me… (Continue to full article)

Gold vs Cash in a Financial Crisis: Back to the Future – again, and again and again…
Mattress-stuffers or bullion holders? Who fares better in a crisis? North American investors are divided between those who believe the decade-long stock market bull is going to keep running into the 2020s, and investors who, wary of something terrible happening, are hoarding cash and gold.

Even more interesting than hoarding cash, instead of buying stocks, is what nervous investors are doing with it. As central banks print up to $100 billion per month to smooth volatility and goose economic growth, an equivalent amount in hard currency and precious metals is “disappearing”… (Continue to full article)

Central Banks Are Destroying What Was Left of Free Markets
The Fed and other central banks are entering into a huge money-printing experiment in hopes of keeping the government-spending machine going at full speed forever. The unintended consequences will be highly destructive… (Continue to full article)

Fed & Federal Money Printing OFF THE CHARTS, Buy Gold & Silver Now…BEFORE It’s Too Late!
Money printing by the Fed and Congress is off the charts. This is why money manager Peter Schiff thinks precious metals are a no-brainer investment. Schiff says, “It’s not that gold is gaining in value, it’s that fiat currencies are all losing value. Gold is the one stable factor. It’s the one thing governments can’t create out of thin air. Every currency in the world, except the dollar, are hitting new record lows against gold. You need more Euros, Rands or Aussie dollars to buy an ounce of gold. . . . The U.S. dollar is losing value more slowly, but this is going to change. We are going to win the race to the bottom… (Continue to full article)

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Pure Insanity…

I need to vent. Not something I normally do too much of…OK…my wife was out of work due to COVID-19 for over a month and we were not able to secure any money relief from the State of Arizona because she was on contract (gov’t contract, unable to represent her) and “self employed.” BUT, wait…the government of Arizona will be paying out $30 million to “Refugees of COVID-19” who were sent to Phoenix after being detained for crossing the border illegally. WOW. No money relief for citizens who pay taxes and obey the law but refugees get our tax money? This Bill was introduced by the Mayor of Phoenix, Kate Gallegos, a Democrat. This is why I don’t vote for Democrats. They are more concerned about non-citizens and illegal aliens than hard-working, tax-paying citizens of the US.

PS: They are also concerned with upsetting China by calling the COVID-19 the Chinese virus. If you have a brain, don’t vote Democrat. Shame on them!

Don Zerbst
May 23, 2020

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The MIxed Bag: A little of this; a little of that: May 26, 2020

Democrat Party Chair: No Place for Pro-Life Democrats, Get in Line With Abortion or Get Out
“Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health,” Perez said Friday in a statement. “That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state. That is why I will be convening women leaders from across the country in the next week on how we can make sure our Democratic candidates and elected leaders are living up to these fundamental values.”… (Continue to full article)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows To Bring ‘Criminal’ Anthony Fauci To Justice
This article is just one more in the series of the damage Fauci has brought about – (WHY does Pres. Trump tolerate this ENEMY WITHIN????) Pres. Trump needs to do strong background checks on those he lets stand near him. Fauci’s ties with Bill (BULL) Gates – Soros and the others engaged in destroying America and bringing in the One World Order isn’t that hard to discover… (Continue to full article)

Who changed America from a republic to a financial empire?
Money may not be the root of all evil, but debt-based money IS the root of the economic evil now descending on America. That’s the message from Damon Vrabel, a graduate of Harvard Business School and former Wall Street executive.

This presentation shatters the myth that America is the home of the competitive free-market when, in fact, it abandoned that economic model long ago and replaced it with the monopoly-market model found in socialist, communist, and fascist systems… (Continue to full article)

Why California Is In Trouble – 340,000 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $45 Billion
“San Francisco’s self-titled “Mr. Clean,” Mohammed Nuru, Public Works Director, is best known for failed efforts to keep feces and hypodermic needles out of the public way. Cases of human waste on city streets spiked to 31,000 in 2019 – an all-time high.

Nuru earned a $269,500 annual salary in 2018 (up $55,000 over a seven-year period). Allegedly, that wasn’t enough. In February, Nuru was arrested for charges that included bribery. Only in San Francisco can team members on the “poop patrol” cost taxpayers up to $184,000 each.”… (Continue to full article)

Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do – here’s how to opt out. Gates also forced us to accept Edge Browser spyware that can’t be removed. This is illegal. Let’s call for prosecution
Windows 10 is amazing. Windows 10 is fantastic. Windows 10 is glorious. Windows 10 is faster, smoother and more user-friendly than any Windows operating system that has come before it. Windows 10 is everything Windows 8 should have been, addressing nearly all of the major problems users had with Microsoft’s previous-generation platform in one fell swoop.

But there’s something you should know: As you read this article from your newly upgraded PC, Windows 10 is also spying on nearly everything you do.

It’s your own fault if you don’t know that Windows 10 is spying on you. … (Continue to full article)

ID2020 & Agenda 2030: Pathway To A Global Government & New World Order
I sense that is where we are on the prophetic schedule of things. The health, economic, and globalist effects of Covid-19 have moved us into a new (and perhaps final) era of the birth-pain period Jesus talked about in Matthew 24. In that chapter, Jesus responds to his disciples’ questions about the timing of Jerusalem (and the temple) being destroyed, the end of the Church age, and the return of Jesus… (Continue to full article)

Americans Have It Backwards: How Many Politicians Have Been Arrested Over The Last 6 Weeks FOR Violating The US Constitution? On The Other Hand… How Many Americans Have Been Arrested For Standing For It?
This was the ruling of the United States Supreme Court shortly after the “civil war” in Exparte Milligan, 71 U.S., which you can make applicable today concerning the issues that we now face.

Neither the legislature nor any executive or judicial officer may disregard the provisions of the constitution in case of emergency… Section 98 therefore, ANYONE who declares the suspension of constitutionally guaranteed rights (Freely travel, peacefully assemble, freely worship, earn a living etc.) and or attempts to enforce such suspension within 50 independent, sovereign, continental United states of America is making war against our constitution (s) and, therefore, we the people. They violate their constitutional oath and, thus, immediately forfeit their office and delegated authority and their proclamations may be disregarded with impunity and that means ANYONE; even the Governor and President… (Continue to full article)

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Beef… It ain’t what’s for dinner!

…and THIS is how you are supposed to feed your family?

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SALE: Rip-Off Eye Steak, Bonless

Don’t forget a vegetable and salad-fixins and potato dish – and oh yeah – a bottle of wine – add sales tax and Corono-virus surcharge – and it will cost you probably 7 ounces of silver – which is also selling at inflated cost.

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The End of the Line?: May 19, 2020


Stagflation is Here Right Now! As Is A Depression
US Price inflation is dead near term (except for food). M2 spiked higher than ever before (this is extreme monetary inflation, boosting gold), but that money never circulated to main street as shown by the drop in velocity. All of this, while consumption absolutely collapsed – by a record. This is STAGFLATION!

…”the downturn” is the most significant the vast majority of people have seen in their lifetimes – if not everyone. The Fed’s reaction is to print much, much more money than has ever been printed in the history of this country. Consider the dollar debased – but few can see the results because the world needs to buy dollars to pay their global bills… For now!… (Continue to full article)

Gold prices end lower as stock market rallies on COVID-19 vaccine candidate
Gold prices ended lower on Monday, giving up earlier gains that had lifted prices toward their highest levels since 2012, as early positive results from a COVID-19 vaccine prompted a rally in the U.S. stock market, dulling haven demand for the precious metal.

It sure sounds great – but the prices on the street are still out of reach for many… (Continue to full article)

68% Of Unemployed Workers In The U.S. “Are Eligible For Payments That Are Greater Than Their Lost Earnings”
Can anyone explain how we are going to motivate unemployed workers to go back to work when most of them can actually make more money camped on their sofas watching Netflix? Over the past couple of months, 36.5 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits, and Congress understandably wanted to do something to address this unprecedented spike in unemployment. But by giving all of these unemployed workers a repeating 600 dollar bonus on top of existing unemployment benefits, Congress has actually created a very powerful incentive for Americans to be unemployed and to stay unemployed for as long as the bonuses last… (Continue to full article)

How Central Banks and Lockdowns Are Making the Crisis Worse
What typifies the phenomenon of the boom-bust cycle is that it is recurrent. What is the reason for this? Loose monetary policies set the platform for various activities that would not emerge without the easy monetary stance. What loose monetary polic…… (Continue to full article)

Global Food Crisis Caused by Fear & Tyranny: MEAT PRICES SOAR
If you have been able to find meat in your local grocery store, you’ve likely noticed that the price has gone up. ($75.50 for 10 lbs of ground beef) Thanks to the tyrannical government overreach of every governor and “lawmaker” in this country, this trend of rising food prices is likely to continue… (Continue to full article)

Consumer Spending Will Not Rebound…Here’s Why
Any economy that concentrates its wealth and income in the top tier is a fragile economy.

There are two structural reasons why consumer spending will not rebound, no matter how “open” the economy may be. Virtually everyone who glances at headlines knows the global economy is lurching into either a deep recession or a full-blown depression, depending on the definitions one is using. Everyone also knows the stock market has roared back as if nothing has happened.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… (Continue to full article)

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The End of the Line?: May 12, 2020


Something BIG is coming
Gold’s narrowing range to lead to a major price move Gold futures are behaving like a restless person taking a nap – with the market not moving much in either direction lately but yet tossing and turning a lot.

The metal has been in a narrowing range for nearly a month now, but sometimes making violent moves within that trading band. However, the pattern is forming a so-called wedge formation that should lead to a breakout in the not-too-distant future… (Continue to full article)

Economic Catastrophe: Millions Upon Millions Of Jobs That Have Been Lost Are Never Coming Back
Do you personally know people that have lost jobs in 2020? I do, and I am not sure what to tell them. As is the case all over the U.S. right now, there is hope that some of the jobs will still be there when the lockdowns end, but in other cases it looks like the jobs are gone for good. And since virtually nobody is hiring right now, finding new jobs is certainly not going to be easy, and there will be millions of others competing for the few jobs that open up

But what most unemployed workers really want is to go back to their old jobs, but unfortunately many of them will never be able to do so… (Continue to full article)

Gold has a clear path towards $2,000+/oz
Spot gold has more than rebounded from the mid-March COVID-19 driven collapse and is now trading in a range near $1,700/oz. The yellow metal rallied along with risk assets following the reduction of extreme volatility, after the US Federal Reserve and other central banks announced measures to provide potentially unlimited support to credit markets and governments around the world provided countless trillions in fiscal support to keep consumers and corporations solvent. However, before prices move into a significantly higher range… (Continue to full article)

US Healthcare Insurance System Failing In a Pandemic
Up to 43 MILLION Americans could lose health insurance amid pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, 160 million Americans, or roughly half the population, received their medical insurance through their job. The tidal wave of layoffs triggered by quarantine measures now threatens that coverage for millions… (Continue to full article)

Taxpayers Forced to Eat $454 Billion In Wall St Losses
Beginning on March 24 of this year, Larry Kudlow, the White House Economic Advisor, began to roll out the most deviously designed bailout of Wall Street in the history of America.

After the Federal Reserve’s secret $29 trillion bailout of Wall Street from 2007 to 2010, and the exposure of that by a government audit and in-depth report by the Levy Economics Institute in 2011, Kudlow was going to have to come up with a brilliant strategy to sell another multi-trillion-dollar Wall Street bailout to the American people… (Continue to full article)

Silver’s Massive Undervaluation Relative to Gold Makes It Irresistible
The way you see silver now depends on whether you see a glass that is half empty or half full. If you are a pessimist by nature you will be grumbling about its underperformance relative to gold up to this point, but if you are an optimist, as we certainly are with regards to silver, you will see it as maintaining the opportunity to pick it up cheap before it really takes off higher in a big way, which as we will now proceed to see is a fast growing probability… (Continue to full article)

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